New Music Player on Site

You'll notice something new here. It's still in experimental phase. I've included a music player at the bottom of this site that automatically plays a random song from my SoundCloud profile. I figured instead of having to navigate around to different pages for music, if you just want to listen to some of my main releases and mashups it will be available right away. Now this posed two questions, one of which I would like some feedback on...

Will this be annoying? Some sites you go to expecting to listen to music. Some sites that just suddenly present audio to you that you're not expecting to agree to can be really annoying and distracting. So I'm mostly likely going to be keeping the player, but I want to know if you feel that auto play should be enabled or if it should be off with the option to press play on your own. Leave a comment below or let me know on Twitter!

What about music not on SoundCloud? I know I do a range of music projects and that limits my free account to what I can have. So I've got a bit of a solution to that. I've started up two new SoundCloud accounts; DeadNightSky and mash-ups. I'll be progressively updating both accounts with music for Dead Night Sky and my mashups, respectively. All music on all three accounts will be featured on this site's music player.

What does this mean for mashups already on my main account? As I've said before countless times, those mashups were always temporary until I needed room to post original music or they have reached their download limit. At least now they will find a better home with a profile dedicated to the best of them! So I'll slowly be taking down mashups one at a time and transfer them to the new page. The only exceptions, however, are the ones that are already being linked to from other pages that are promoting my mashups; particularly any mashups I used in a competition for LPAssociation's Monthly Mix-Up (see my Press page for more!). I don't want to have people go "what happened to the mix?" and redirect everyone. I won't put them back up on the new page, that would just confuse things more. And, yes, any mashups that have reached previous download limits before will likely be brought back.

I just want to leave things noting that I'm apparently the first person to register the "mash-up" username on SoundCloud. How is this possible?