Snowfall [Unreleased Demo]

I first released the Wicked Pickles version of Snowfall way back I believe in 2008 on this day. So I decided to put the "unreleased demo" of the new version on YouTube. It's technically been on ReverbNation for quite a while but I thought I should put it on YouTube since I did the same for Regret on April 1st.

Speaking of Dead Night Sky, the website for it (and, in turn, this website) has been much improved. It looks the same and has the same content, but it definitely won't be crashing as much now that I switched hosts. You'll notice on the bottom right of the site that the new host is Zoho. I'm using the free option for hosting so that little blurb has to stay there. I also use Zoho for email so it's nice to unify that service. I know they have templates and stuff but I haven't tried any of them since I made the Dead Night Sky site from scratch. However, it's free to try them out and use their site builder so it is something I like to endorse. As far as email, it is a great alternative to Google's old business accounts for GMail which now requires a payment for the lowest option. I used that service for our ReGeneration email addresses but Zoho works just as great for use with your own domain.

Anyway, that's my unexpected promotion for Zoho. For my music, I am working on getting stuff remade to sound better and more professional. Hopefully you'll hear more soon.