New Upcoming Mashup Set, Single, and Dead Night Sky Update

Got a couple things to update you on. And I feel kind of weird talking about all of them because none are planned perfectly yet. But at the same time I feel like I've been severely lacking in big announcements and have become increasingly busy so I didn't want to keep this stuff on hold for much longer. So I'll pour as much information as I can right now and if anyone has questions I'll answer them each individually.

New Mashups

I know the reason most people are following me is because of mashups. While I'm not working on anything new at the moment, I had some stuff laying around as well as some stuff I put on YouTube I really loved but never offered a download. So I decided to make a bit of a compilation.

"Forgotten Mashups: Vol. 1" is a collection of my favorite mashups from the playlist of the same name on YouTube, as well as new mashups I have yet to release. I don't have a solid release date yet but most likely within the next couple of weeks I should be putting it up. As far as YouTube videos for the songs, they won't be leading up to the release like usual or even be put out on a weekly basis. I'll be posting them here and there over time, but you'll be able to get them all at once when the set is available for download. SoundCloud singles will follow on my new account for mashups. Track list? Sure, I'll share some of them.
  1. Linkin Park vs. Rihanna (LPM9 Alternate Mix)
  2. [New Secret Mashup]
  3. [New Secret Mashup]
  4. B.O.B. & Hayley Williams vs. Mike Haggith
  5. Outkast vs. Crowdburn
  6. [New Secret Mashup]
  7. [New Secret Mashup]
I'm still taking a break from mashups so this will likely be the last set you see from me for a while.

New Single

So I can't really keep a secret going for long. I'm working on a new version of Regret. And by "working on", it's practically done. I even recorded some vocals myself but I more than likely will not use them (maybe I'll put the acapella up on MySpace or something...). The release for this song is a bit iffy right now. I'm still thinking the best way to do it, but ideally I want to have a video made for it for YouTube and release it at the same time. It will be available for free, as usual, on Bandcamp, as well as put on MySpace, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation for streaming. As you can tell, I'm doing things a bit differently than I did in the past by releasing songs as singles. I usually waited until something was completely finished and released as an EP but I felt that wasn't the best way to go about doing things any more. I will still be putting this song out on an EP, though. As you know, this song was destined for an EP titled "Time" intended for Dead Night Sky. While it's still planned for Time, it won't be Dead Night Sky any more. Which brings me to my next piece of news...

Dead Night Sky Changes

Dead Night Sky will be changing. It's not done. I don't see me ever giving up on DNS. Instead I need to go through a drastic shift with the project if I want it to ever go anywhere. Why is this happening? It's for a number of reasons but the main thing was I was the only one making music and seemingly interested. Half of the members were drifting away from it or could not be involved due to personal reasons. If I kept things how they were it would be forever stuck in a state of suspense. I'll just say it's a good thing I set ground rules from the beginning. All songs made for the group are still copyright properties of the individual creators. Meaning everything from Wicked Pickles is mine (to re-release, for example), and the other couple of demos we've put online belong to the other members who are leaving the group. I would say that not everyone is splitting from the project, but everything isn't figured out yet. I'm discussing things with the only member who is remotely still interested in working on music together so I'm hopeful. But the tone, creative process, and definition of Dead Night Sky will likely be changing drastically depending on what is done with it. That's all I can really say right now. All the social sites, website, and merch will remain for the time being, though, because it's not dead. It will return. The question is when and in what form. 

If you have any questions post them below or hit me up on Twitter. For updates on everything I mentioned, stick to this website.