Til Plays Super Meat Boy

It's finally here. My video for the game Super Meat Boy. I actually really like how this video turned out and it's one of my favorites so check it out!

My God was this a frustrating process. This video was originally uploaded to YouTube on April 19th. Why did it take so long for me to release it? For those that aren't aware, I'm a YouTube partner. Which means if there's any videos I'm able to add advertisements on for possible revenue share, I'll add it. Most videos that's not the case for, but for video games it's up to the publisher or developer. In this case, there are statements from Team Meat saying that YouTube monetization is completely fine for their games... however it's not on their website. So here's where the "frustrating process" statement from before comes in.

First of all I had some distractions while recording this game and it became a challenge to record. So I did it over two days, which is probably why the video is so long. I ended up cutting a lot of content from it so that in itself was not that much fun. Next, the video was taking forever to be approved by YouTube for monetization. I've had that happen a couple of times (once for one of my own songs), so sometimes I just wait it out. Eventually I got sick of constantly delaying this video on the schedule I have. So I tried a few different things. Normally by this time YouTube emails me a request for more information if I did not provide any, but that didn't happen here. So I submitted information on my own through a form I had to search for. Eventually they finally made a decision and declined my request. This actually happened before but I got it resolved so I tried again, submitting information plenty of times, but because there was no official information on terms of use on the Team Meat website... YouTube didn't really care for the other sources I provided. So in the end, after a constant wait and back and forth with YouTube, I lost that battle, but the important thing at this point for me was to get this video out for people to see.

In the end, that stuff doesn't really matter but I thought I'd give an explanation since I've said several times that this video was coming and it kept getting delayed. I like doing these videos in my spare time so it's no big deal, but the fact that all those obstacles happened for just one video over a long period of time just kind of added up and wore me down a bit. Hopefully I won't have to go through that again and can put out videos faster for you folks!

And I just want to reiterate... DON'T SUGGEST N+! I don't think I have the patience to pick that game up again.