YouTube / Facebook Integration + More

Some slight website updates for you. I've added a couple of things. Most notably, the 3 YouTube buttons at the top for some of my channels. There's also a Facebook box on the right under the regular Twitter feed. This is to make it even easier to subscribe on places in case you haven't done so yet, or maybe if you're just introducing a friend to my work and they want to keep updated with what I do. One click and you're instantly following me on the respective site. Of course, this is the same with the Twitter "follow" button on the feed.

You'll also notice that site is still running a tad slow. It's a couple of issues, mostly that there's a lot of things loading from outside sources (such as the things I mentioned above) as well as the way I organized some of the coding for the HTML of this site. Basically a lot of boring stuff that didn't make too much of an impact until recently when I started rolling out features like the SoundCloud music player, which I believe is the biggest culprit. I'm going to try to minimize the damage as much as possible when I have the time to do so and really focus on it and hopefully get it loading at a respectable rate. In the mean time, just let the page run for 10 seconds or however long it takes or let me know what issues you're having exactly with this site and I'll take a look into it. Be sure to be as specific as you can (what browser you use, screen resolution, etc). All this stuff is in regards to the full site, not the mobile one.

And I can't remember if I said this or not, but there's a new "Friends" section on the right there. Basically, I link to some pages that belong to some people I know. It's mostly off request. There's a lot of people I've connected with based on productions I've made and sites I've joined. I feel like I should be sharing what they do as well. So I'm hoping this will help lead the way to more awareness for everyone in that list and, in turn, they may return the love with the increased audience and we can feed off each other and use all use this as opportunities to continue to push out new content. The links also indicate things that I like, approve of, and recommend so it's not a list of spam. It's genuine pages that are managed by actual people and not bots, so you know that everything is legit. So if you want your link on that list and we've at the very least tweeted each other, let me know the site you're using to promote yourself and I'll add it on.

So there still are changes that will be made to this site every so often, just so you're aware. I want to make it the best experience possible when using this site as a hub and catalog for everything I work on with reasons to keep coming back. So feedback is really important. Leave it in the comments below!