Co-Op: Left 4 Dead 2 (Episode 1)

I'm starting off a new playlist for my gaming channel. There's some games I just never get around to playing the main campaign for and I had an idea to just record videos with someone where we just go through the game so that it gives me a bit of an excuse to play them. I thought the perfect one to do would be Left 4 Dead 2 with a friend who loves the game. I enjoyed playing it and hope to do more.

These videos are slightly different than Let's Plays. For one there's very few cuts, which makes it a lot easier for me when editing, but also because I feel it's a different type of viewing experience. The Let's Plays were made because I have a lot of fun playing with a certain group of people and some of the stuff that happens I find hilarious. This playlist I kind of compare with that friend you have over your house who doesn't have a controller but is more than happy to watch you play the game and just enjoy the game story itself and talking with you as you play. So it's a different pace compared to other videos. The few cuts are also nice if you want to use this as a tutorial video to kind of guide you through the game if you want to follow along or if you get stuck.

I have a pretty big library of games I want to go through and do this for so hopefully there will be more. There is actually a second part to this coming soon make sure to subscribe!