Til Talks: New VLOG Series

Trying something new here. I wanted to start my gaming channel because it's something I wanted to do for a while and so far I've been enjoying it. The problem is at this time it's hard for me to push out content on a regular basis. Well there's something else I've been wanting to do that I figured would be easier to produce.

The reason for a VLOG series, other than it's easier than anything else to make, is that I always find myself wanting to talk about the latest news in the gaming industry because every week I find something I'm fascinated by. Usually when I find like-minded people to talk to, there's some interesting discussions. Sometimes, there's even heated debates. Either way, I love every bit of it so this is my outlet for all that and to get my thoughts out there. If enough people like it, I'll continue with it. So be sure to like the video and subscribe if you have yet to do so. In fact, my major YouTube channels all have subscription buttons at the top of this site. Why not click them all to get started?