Let's Play Killing Floor (Episode 1)

To celebrate Halloween, decided to finally get this video done. There was a bit of a technical situation with this video. I'm just gonna copy and paste the description because it says it all.

We had some tech issues with this thing. First, because I couldn't figure out how to properly get audio from the game, a Skype call, and my mic recorded at the same with with MSI AfterBruner, I decided to use a suggested program called Open Broadcaster, which I've used a couple of times for live streams. However, this was just as I was finished recovering my PC from a very bad crash and didn't have time to set it up properly, so we lost the original 3+ hours of content (though I still have the audio for it). 2nd time around I guess I screwed up some video setting because the quality in this video is not the best at times. I think I got AfterBurner working now for multiple audio sources, though, so we'll try this again in the future.

 Check out the video below!