Til Plays Assassin's Creed III Multiplayer

I know I usually post videos early in the week but I was having a bit of issues with this and had to delay it. But hopefully you enjoy this one. I actually really like how this turned out. I recorded this a while ago so I forgot everything that happened when I was editing it and I chuckled a few times myself. There's a game I'm editing right now that's even funnier.

Also, I know it says it's in 720p but it's not. Like I've said before, my capture card for console games only records in 480i, which is why they're usually in a 4:3 ratio in a lower quality (I mention this in the video), but this game forces a 16:9 ratio which meant that you would have seen it in a black rectangular box on a widescreen monitor or TV. You may remember my Dead Island Let's Plays being like that. The difference between then and now is I've got a better editing program that makes it easier for me to crop the video. The problem was, if I kept the resolution the video would always turn out buggy no matter what format I rendered it in. So I had to choose 720p to keep it smooth., yet it's still not the most clear picture. I'm looking into getting a better capture solution for console games eventually so hopefully this won't continue to be an issue.