Uncertain VLOG #8: Channel Guide

I was supposed to have a video posted last night, which is the day I typically release videos. It's still sort of pending which may be a bit difficult to explain, but to make up for the lack of a video I decided to put up a new VLOG since I haven't done one in a while on my main channel.

First of all, I'll just explain the video. Recently I've been going through a few changes here and there. I would say my YouTube channel is one of the more drastic ones. So I've got some friends listing me in their featured channels, some of whom are also trying to build up their own channel so we're just helping each other out and trying to get new subscribers. So I thought it might be a good idea to give a quick tour of my page and explain where to find everything and the benefits of subscribing, as well as thanking those who are helping promote me. I've also notice very recently there's been quite a few musicians and other people with a significantly larger follow count than me following me on Twitter, which is pretty awesome because I didn't really get this kind of attention before.

So as to why there was no video yesterday, if you're not aware I'm a YouTube partner and typically monetize any video I am able to for ad revenue. I'm sure I might have mentioned this before. So with my gaming channel it's a bit of a grey line, but normally if a publisher allows it or gives me permission, I can place ads on videos featuring the game (except for the case of Super Meat Boy, which YouTube does not recognize a direct statement from Edmund McMillen because he uses Formspring and Twitter which they don't consider official, I guess). Sometimes, even if it's for my own videos, a video will get stuck in "review" for quite some time and I could lose out on potential views that could affect the impact of the ads. That's sort of what's happening right now, so I've gotta wait and get that sorted out first. Please note that even though I put ads on videos, I'm in no way encouraging anyone to click on them just to try and support me. In fact, I'm going to do the opposite because I could get in serious trouble if Google discovers that I'm not getting genuine clicks (I can't even click on my own ads). So if you must click on something, please only do so if you are seriously interested in the product being advertised and you would do the same if you saw the ad somewhere else, but in general you can just ignore them. Actually, a lot of ads are not from me. For my mashups, for example, ads will be placed by the copyright holder so that they can get the ad revenue. I don't see any of that, I just have to acknowledge that I used the song and it's up to them if they want to keep it up or block it.

Hopefully that explains everything. I plan to do another gaming VLOG on Friday and hopefully will have something new to show next week!