Various Site Changes

Just gonna be real quick because I'm doing some other things right now. This is just an FYI in case you notice stuff is different.

First of all, there's a few changes on this site. The SoundCloud player is gone. It was cool, but made the site a bit slow. I'm also trying to distance myself away from mashups, which most of my SoundCloud content is right now. There's going to be a new music playing focus which I'll get into afterwards. I've also limited the number of posts displayed per page. Before it was "7 days" worth, but it's not set to 3 posts. Considering how many videos I embed every week, this will hopefully be a much better viewing experience.

Next are the social links. On the top of the right column used to have a bunch of buttons to various websites I'm on. They're still at the bottom of the site and on my About page, but I felt like most of the buttons weren't a high priority to have focused. Now, direct links to pages I want to focus on (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and SoundCloud) are now listed there. Those buttons, instead of taking you to a profile, can instantly connect you to those pages with the exception of SoundCloud. The YouTube buttons are obviously the ones that used to be on the top above the featured content slider except for the Dead Night Sky button. That's because Dead Night Sky is sort of on hiatus and will be rebranded eventually.

The "Music" tab at the top contains slightly different links. The "Uncertain Sound" and "Dead Night Sky" tabs from the drop down bring you to their respected BandCamp pages. The Uncertain Sound BandCamp account, however, has changed domains. It now links to "" which is my way of trying to integrate it more into this site which you will see more of soon. There's also a "Music" page I've had for a long time. I think it went back to around when I first started using this site on a regular basis. It was outdated and useless. So now it contains eye catching banners (compared to the old ones) that bring you to the 3 tabs in the dropdown (Uncertain Sound, Dead Night Sky, and Discography).

BandCamp isn't the only change. There's a new banner on YouTube as well as some other slight alterations. I'm currently taking part in a YouTube Creator Academy "MOOC" (massive open online course) and it's giving me more incentive to clean that page up some more. I'm actually going to try and shoot a channel trailer for it tomorrow so you may see that soon. I will likely be trying to get more content on there as well as my gaming channel, including things that have a bigger influence on connecting with you if you are a subscriber, including VLOGs and answering questions you have, or trying to do some live hangouts with some people I've met throughout my experience doing all this stuff.

Finally, I know the site is still not the fastest it can be. There's some things I can improve on I just find it's hard to find the time to sit and focus on editing images and going through code. I will be progressively trying to improve this site as I usually do. How is your experience using this site? Let me know in the comments. Any and all feedback helps me in developing this site and the content I put into it.