New Gaming Site! (Til Plays)

First of all, you'll notice there's no new episode of Til Talks today. This week was a little... unexpected for me and could not find time to record the VLOG. I may still try to get it recorded tomorrow and just post it a day late, but there's a good chance there won't be one this week.

But on to the main topic of this post! Since gaming is slowly becoming a bigger aspect of content I produce for the Internet, I decided to make it a separate portion of this site. The "Gaming" tab up top will bring you to "", where you'll find info and updates for all my gaming related stuff, mainly about my gaming YouTube channel. The website is still being worked on and is a little bare at the moment, but all future updates will go there and I'll start advertising it more soon. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube as well to get my latest videos. Recently, I started uploading videos to a new playlist featuring quick highlights clips from other videos. Most videos on my channel are really long so I thought it might be a good idea to post small clips for those who just want to see the best moments of videos. More will be added to that playlist and channel in general soon.