Should I Join a YouTube Network?

This video really explains everything, so check it out below.

If you finished watching — or just skipped it — and want to learn more, a little while ago I got an email from a company called AdRev. They explained they would like me to sign up and submit my music for content ID matching so if anyone uses my music (which you all know I give out for free) and puts it in a video or remix on YouTube, SoundCloud, etc, then I will get a portion of the ad revenue from ads placed on where that content is. Sounds like a good idea, but upon research I've found mixed reviews on AdRev and started to look at other YouTube Networks. The big names being Maker Studios and Fullscreen, which also get complaints but I find is more recommended. Particular, Fullscreen interested me since it is home to artists I personally am subscribed to on YouTube, started from the co-founder of the YouTube Partnership program, and offers licenses for cover songs, which I've started to get into and currently do not earn any ad revenue from (if you see an ad, earnings from that go to the copyright owner, not me). The thing is, AdRev contacted me (and I'm wondering if they're reading this). Normally, there's criteria you have to meet before you can get into a Network so trying to apply to any others may be a challenge until I can get better recognition for my videos and my channel. I don't have a problem continuing how I do things normally with Google AdSense, but that resource for obtaining cover song licenses without having to go through a service like LimeLight is a very attractive offer for me, more so than just getting ad revenue on my music that others use. Currently, I do not allow commercial use of my music unless you get express permission from me. Let me know what you think in the comments of this post on or on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.