Where's this week's video?

As you may or may not know, I've set myself a goal early this year to put up a video to YouTube every week for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, I've found myself busy with other things and have fallen behind on my schedule for this week. I will be putting up videos this week, though. I plan to either put up a mashup or, more likely, a video for my last release, the demo for SFTC, since I still haven't put it on YouTube. I'll likely also be putting up the rest of last year's ReGeneration Vol. 1 podcasts. I'm also going to be making up my script for Saturday's Til Talks on my gaming channel since this is a big week for video games and there's already more news than I can fit into a video.

Since I'm finally finding time to write this blog post, thought I'd give some hints at possible ideas I have going forward. At the end of the year, I'm not going to be pushing myself at 1 video a week since I don't think I can take that pressure for another year. However, I will be working on videos a lot more so long as I'm able to work on them, and uploading them as soon as they're finished. It just gives me a bit more freedom and let me focus on other things. Eventually, I would love to be putting up videos on a regular basis for all channels, maybe even daily for a new channel. Have I mentioned that yet?

Yeah, I plan to also launch a new companion channel once I figure out what I'm doing. It will be specifically for VLOGs and promoting my other channels, showing a glimpse of any new stuff that has been put out. I'm not ready to dedicate my time to that yet. Right now I think my focus is mainly my music stuff and getting some more gaming related videos up there.

Speaking of video games, I'm working on a new web site. Well, it will actually be a subdomain of this site but it's where all my video game related content will go from now on so that everything's more organized. Video games are slowly growing as part of the content I'm creating for the web and I figured it should have it's own presence so that everything isn't cluttered together. However, it's still kind of in the "Uncertain Sound" brand, even though it's not really mentioned, so I'd rather keep it close. There's already a basic page up already but I'll be sharing and promoting it when I feel happy with it. For now, stick to this website for all updates.