YouTube Videos: Linkin Park vs. Eminem (Part 3), ReGeneration Podcasts.

Just making this quick because I'm sleepy and ready to pass out. I was supposed to have an original song available on YouTube today to make up for the lack of videos I've posted this week. Unfortunately, it's taking forever to be reviewed by YouTube, so being the impatient guy that I am, I decided to also put up a mashup while I wait for the video to be available.

This mashup is actually from Forgotten Mashups: Vol. 1, which you can download for free right here!

Also today, I've uploaded the remaining podcasts from last year's Volume of ReGeneration, meaning if you're currently reading through the first Volume, you can listen to these companion podcasts to give you a better idea of the story and the world. I'm planning to do possible live streams on YouTube to replace the podcasts, and some other ideas for ReGeneration in regards to YouTube. When I have more updates for ReGeneration, I'll post them here and the ReGeneration Facebook Page.