Snowfall [Single Version] - Available Now!

It's finally here! My new single and revamped version of my song Snowfall. You may remember first hearing this song for Dead Night Sky's Wicked Pickles! Instrumental EP, and then again as an acoustic version for my Alive at Dawn EP (and several demo samples in between on sites like MySpace). But here is the latest version of it now that I've got into a rhythm with my home recording setup.

You can listen to the entire single's tracks below. They are available for free or if you want to help support me and my music, you can set your own price on it. If you want the page to see and download all  my original music, just head to (or click the "Music > Uncertain Sound" tab on the top navigation of this site). More info on this release below the player!

On top of this release, multi-tracks will be available. So you will be able to use those to remix or cover this song, or if you just want to listen to each instrument track individually you can. The multi-tracks are also available for free but you will have to download each track individually for that. The full album download has a minimum price of $2 basically as an added incentive to help support my music, but you can easily bypass that if you want. As far as mixing and covering this song, I typically release music under a creative commons attribution that allows alteration, share-alike, and non-commercial use. What does that mean? It means you can mix and cover the song any way you see fit, but you have to credit me as the creator of the original source material (preferably, add a link to the album so people can find it) and must share it under the same conditions / license. You also can't use it for commercial use, meaning you can not earn any money from the music or sell it. This includes monetized platforms, such as YouTube, unless I give expressed permission. More legal information about my music can be found here.

Also, a lyric video is being worked on but unfortunately was not able to be completed in time for release. I am not the one working on the video so I'm not sure when it will be available but I know it is close to done. Instead, here's a temporary teaser video I made for my YouTube subscribers. Make sure you subscribe, too, so you know when the video is up!

If you like this song and want to see me keep doing more, make sure you consider donating by setting your own price on the music and sharing it with your friends on various social sites you're on! You can let me know your thoughts on the song in the comments or give me a shout on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.