Slight Website Changes: Social Buttons + Mashup Track Lists

It's been a while since I made a normal post on this site. So some slight changes, no big deal. The social buttons on the side have been moved to the top above the featured content slider and the top of every other page on the site. Not a huge reason for this other than to optimize space and make things look a little cleaner.

Also, I figured for newcomers to the site looking for mashups that might not be aware of my catalog, you might not know what tracks are in each set. So I've decided to start updating posts on each set with track list information. The pages updated include Back Again (Mashups 3), LPM6, LPM: Revised, LPM9, and Forgotten Mashups: Vol. 1. The reason why LPM4, 5: Rock Is Dead, 7emix, and LPM8 haven't been updated is because I don't have posts on this site made for those sets yet. They were all released directly to MediaFire before I started doing these posts or making updates for sets which have been taken down by MediaFire due to copyright disputes, which has yet to be the case for these sets. I will be making posts for these sets soon and providing the appropriate information for each just like I have for the others. I just don't have the time to go through all of them right now.

If you want to figure out which tracks are in each set, I've made a brand new YouTube channel that categorizes all of my released mashups from my main channel. Since I'm transitioning to other music videos and VLOGs on my channel, my old mashups sort of get lost in all of my videos so I thought a new channel just to list everything would come in handy.