New Mashup & Blog!

A couple of things to note today. First of all, I have a BRAND NEW MASHUP! Listen below and read more about it below!

This mashup was requested by m0therofdrag0ns on SoundCloud. I sometimes get one-off requests but this is the first time someone has checked back and genuinely wanted to hear this made. So I'm starting something new with a brand new playlist and taking on your requests for new mashups.

I'm also today launching a brand new blog focused on mashups. I find that mashups are a subject that people always seem interested in and even though I'm slowing down on making mashups, there's a lot of great ones that others make. I've been wanting to do a consistent blog (I mean, on top of ReGeneration I guess) and figured this would be the easiest thing to do to get some more experience at doing this stuff.

So I bought a domain and made a new Tumblr page. I personally hate Tumblr but for this there were reasons I chose it.

  1. It's popular and tags make it easier for people to find it, on top of Google and SEO.
  2. It's easier for people to follow and share, most people have a Tumblr account and subscribe more than if I were to make an RSS feed (which is also an option).
  3. I can still use AdSense ads on Tumblr, even though there aren't any on there right now.
  4. Customizable HTML to design how I like.
  5. I can set a custom domain, in case I decide to switch hosts so that links I post elsewhere will just redirect to the new site (again, I hate Tumblr).
So that's the reason why it's hosted on Tumblr for now. You can check it out at Why .ca? Because I'm Canadian and all the other "mashup" URLs are taken...

Also, slight website update! The top nav has changed a bit. The Gaming, Dead Night Sky, and ReGeneration tabs are now under "Other Projects" as 2/3rds of those are currently on hold and I plan to start other things and don't want to run out of nav space. Also, there may be changes in terms of portfolios and stuff like that. Check back for more info on that!