Over 100 YouTube Subscribers!

First of all, I just want to say I'm still not sure what is causing my slider to be weird. I took a quick glance at the HTML code but everything seems fine to me. When I have time I'm going to thoroughly go through it and fix it for good. I know the file host for the images (as well as my public email... which is not fun for me...) was hit by Heartbleed but that should not have affected anything. This website should still be navigable, though.

On to the big news! I HAVE REACHED OVER 100 SUBSCRIBERS! I recorded this VLOG in anticipation of when that would happen... at 99 subscribers, which was almost a week ago I believe. I've only now had the time to put it together and release it, which really compliments this video's message, too. Anyway, check out the VLOG below and once again thank you to everyone who continue to support me!