Wicked Pickles! EP Now On My Channel

There's a couple things I should address.

First of all, I realize that there has been a lack of videos from me lately. Things are going on in my personal life I don't want to get into and I just don't have the time right now, but I'm trying to work on new stuff as much as I can when I'm able to.

Secondly, this website seems a little messed up and I'm not sure why. Could be an issue with my file host but I'll have to look into it. The biggest issue is the featured content slider, which is a shame because it's meant to be the first notable thing you see for a reason, but the rest of the website seems to more or less be functional so you should still be able to access what you're looking for no problem. If you have trouble viewing something, just let me know and I'll look into it.

With that out of the way, here's the latest from my YouTube channel. I realized that there's actually quite a bit of stuff I put out for Dead Night Sky originally that never made it to my channel. So a lot of subscribers might be clueless to some of my music I've been working on for a while. I knew I wanted to transition that content over to my current channel but there's one problem. Once I upload something someplace, I don't like to have a ton of redirects for something (which is also a reason my Twitter is still "@PostwarOrphan"... for now). So I'd rather just keep the videos in one place but nobody is going to really find them on a channel with 7 subscribers and no new activity. So my plan is to eventually get a demo reel of some sort or some other featured video which makes you aware of that content and links you to it, but at the same time reach a bigger established audience. I also plan to remake all that music at some point anyway so I don't want to use old outdated material and treat it like new. Again, for both of those solutions, I just don't have the time to focus on right now. So instead, I thought I'd bring my first EP over to my channel. It's already on the Dead Night Sky channel as separate tracks so I thought for my channel I'd just put them all in one video and use annotations if you want to skip between tracks. Hopefully this will make more people aware of my roots and what music I plan to be working on in the future. I still think my first EP sounds like garbage but I still think I did a decent job with the terrible equipment and resources I had at the time when first starting out. If you haven't heard the EP yet, you can listen to it below or download it for free!