Collaborate With Me on BandHub!

Someone shared this site with me and I thought it was a cool idea. It's sort of like HitRecord but just for music. Considering I never had the time to finish a song, or because I'm a terrible singer and have trouble finding guest vocalists for songs all the time, thought this might be a cool way to get others to collaborate with stuff I've already made. I might also put some original music on there as well. Check out my profile on BandHub, where I've already uploaded instrumental covers I made for Rolling in the Deep and Happy.

Also, because of sites and ideas like this, there's a chance I may launch a secondary channel for additional content to compliment my channel. It's mainly because I see myself uploading more multitracks and additional videos that revolve around another one that I don't want my main channel to be flooded with a ton of stuff. If you've noticed, I've already started doing that with isolated guitar tracks from my covers and alternate mixes for stuff like mashups. So this secondary channel may end up being the home for that stuff, while my main content will be put on my main channel. I don't want to share that channel just yet until I plan things out fully, but yes I already reserved the vanity URL a while ago so I already the first step covered just in case. I also have other reserved channels I plan to use in the future so make sure to keep to this blog and subscribe on YouTube so you know when that happens.