Twitch Streams, Highlights, and YouTube Videos for May

This is the first monthly post for archived Twitch videos. I'm no longer doing them weekly so that I can manage things a bit easier. Before we get into the streams you missed, here's some news you may have missed!

Retiring my "Twitch/Gaming" Patreon Tier

Retiring my "Twitch/Gaming" Patreon Tier

Only streaming to Twitch, no more YouTube Gaming, Beam.

Only streaming to Twitch, no more YouTube Gaming, Beam.

Changes to Beam/Mixer, Revlo shutting down

Changes to Beam/Mixer, Revlo shutting down

In addition to these updates, here's some relevant clips I made about some changes I've made.

Alright! Now on to the past broadcasts and highlights!


Full Streams

Prey (2006)

I technically only had one full stream for this game, but for the sake of consistency, I'm including the entire playlist for the whole playthrough of this game including the first stream and the end credits video I recorded after streaming.


Part 1

Part 2 Bonus: Let's Play

Part 3

Prey (2017)


Bonus: IRL

Changes to Beam/Mixer, Revlo shutting down

So I have some updates to my last post. It seems this was a really weird time to make changes to my live stream.

First of all, I said I won't be using Beam anymore and instead use it as a backup streaming service. Soon after, they announced a rebranding to Mixer along with a lot of incredible features that is making me rethink my decision. For now, though, I'll be sticking with Twitch. However, Mixer is definitely something I will look into using for some future ideas I've been thinking about as it seems like it has a ton of potential.

Secondly, Revlo just announced they will be shutting down. Revlo is the currency I use for my Twitch chat to earn points (I called them "tokens") to spend towards rewards. In fact, my most recently stream overlay I JUST created implements some of those rewards, such as a looped GIF image that can be changed by the viewer.

This is a feature I don't want to give up for my stream and was looking for ways to add to it, so now I'm scrambling to find a replacement (so far, StreamElements is the top contender). For now, though, until mid June, I'll be offering 5x tokens in chat (5 tokens/minute watched) and have halved most of my rewards to make them easier to obtain and spend points on. The exceptions being the AMA reward from 25 tokens to 10, and the "Jackpot" reward (which I just put some work into, integrating it with my new Discord server and making what I think to be a pretty great on stream alert). I may also be giving away free tokens for people showing up and actively chatting during the next few streams and for new followers.

The point is, while I plan to find a way to transfer existing points to a new service, SPEND YOUR TOKENS NOW! Because it may not be exactly the same and Revlo will be closing down on June 16th!

Only streaming to Twitch, no more YouTube Gaming, Beam.

For the past few weeks, live streaming has become more difficult for me. I couldn't exactly pinpoint the issue, but I have a better idea now of what's happening. While I believe part of the issue has to do with my ISP as well as my PC, I have noticed after a test stream last night that things work a lot better when I stream solely to Twitch, rather than also streaming to YouTube Gaming and Beam at the same time. 

I use a service called Restream to broadcast to multiple sites at a time. I chose Twitch, YouTube, and Beam for different reasons. I saw value in each and broadcasting to multiple services (especially smaller ones) is definitely a benefit for me to get new viewers in. There were other services I signed up for but never went through with, mostly because it was difficult enough for me to maintain over three platforms at a time. Unfortunately, even after switching available servers for Restream, I still had disconnecting issues and constant dropped frames. Last night, this issue kept recurring instantly after I started streaming. Once I switched to a Twitch server, everything worked flawlessly (aside from a few noted dropped frames in OBS hours into the stream).

In all fairness, I could probably reach out to Restream and try resolving the issue with them, but this was kind of a sign for me. Like I said, it was getting harder for me to manage multiple platforms at once. Plus, many of the tools I use strictly only work with Twitch, such as Revlo. Trying to implement something like that to work as well on YouTube and Beam to give all viewers the same experience was extremely challenging was not worth the effort. 

I still like the Beam platform and it's features like it's no latency streaming, and audience interaction. In fact, many of my friends who started on Twitch has switched to Beam because they like the service better. And in many ways I see YouTube Gaming the better streaming platform. However, many of the issues I've had with Twitch originally have been vastly improved. Most of the relationships I've made while streaming have been on Twitch. It has become the platform I most enjoy using and watching and so that is the reason I've decided to stick with it.

In terms of YouTube, that will still always be my home. past broadcasts I wish to archive will be uploaded there. Highlights, Let's Plays, and more will be featured and promoted there. For Beam, I don't intend to use as much. While I got some new followers and support on Beam, it has been by far the least interactive of the 3 for me. However, it is a good backup platform for those times when Twitch is not working (which happens once in a while). I think focusing my live videos to Twitch (which includes music production) will be more beneficial for me and allow me to improve the quality and focus of my live streams. 

Retiring my "Twitch/Gaming" Patreon Tier

I am removing my $4 "Twitch / Gaming" tier and will instead be using another subscription based service for my Twitch. I've been debating this decision for a while and also considered keeping both options available for viewers but in the end I felt it just made more sense to keep all my gaming focus separate from my music (as I often do anyway). So, for Patreon, you will only see the basic $1 tier for the recommended support option with early music, $2 for extra content (including exclusive access to previews to provide feedback on before release), and $5 for multitracks.

For Twitch, I'm moving things over to GameWisp. You by no means need to use both platforms (though you're more than welcome to). If you want to help me work on music, then Patreon is the right place for you. If you want to support my stream and get Twitch perks when I stream live, I would recommend GameWisp instead. It's still a work in progress, but so far there's 3 basic subscription options. $5/month get you extra voting for polls (such as my "SELECT" game nights voting), Discord role, and priority queue for game nights when I play games like Jackbox Party Pack with the chat. $10/month influences my in-game choices along with shout-outs and more. $15/month gets a name in a panel and invites to custom game nights, such as Halo 5 or GTA V. This is not something that's necessary as a lot of these perks can be obtained through my in-chat currency you earn by watching my Twitch every minute and redeemed through Revlo for free.

As I've said in the past, I've been avoiding donation based services for my gaming content because it was something I personally did not feel comfortable with. But I've come to the realization that I'm in need of other avenues for additional income, especially when it comes to working on new music and videos. Additionally, even though I'm streaming my gaming (and sometimes music production) live on the Internet for recreation, it is something I've put quite a bit of personal investment in and would like to continue to improve the quality of. So this is one way to do so. I'm also looking into services like Streamlabs for tips which I might also implement soon.

Again, this is not something that's necessary. If you want to show up and just hang out in the stream, that's exactly why I do it. I've found gaming is a lot more fun when you have an audience that can interact with you. If you want to show support but don't have any money, keep in mind the following; some of my videos are monetized (even though I don't really make much from that), I earn royalties by streaming my music on Spotify, and just by simply sharing my videos/music, watching in chat, or hosting my live streams helps me out.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions on these changes.

Twitch/YouTube streams + highlights from the weekend (April 20th - 22nd)

Here are the past broadcasts and highlights from the weekend. I'll be doing another post next weekend after I archive everything over the weekend, then I'll start making these posts at the end of each month so it's more manageable. I'll also be working on a Minecraft Let's Play (sort of a prequel to the live stream that's highlighted below) and other edited videos as soon as I'm able. I also hope to start my playthrough of Prey (the original 2006 game) this Saturday night.

Full Streams


Recent Twitch/YouTube streams + highlights (Mar. 21 - Apr. 15)

It's been a while since I posted the latest live streams. Here's all the ones I've archived as well as highlights that you may have missed. I also might start making these posts monthly instead so it's easier to manage.

Full Streams


Halo 5: Guardians

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


For this last clip, I wanted to highlight it but I didn't feel right posting it to YouTube since I'm not posting content without the permission of the people (or in this case, parents) who's voices are in the video. This is usually why you'll see me ask people if it's okay if I highlight a video or I include someone's xbox party chart audio in my stream before I continue to do so.

Changes to "SELECT" game voting.

I'm gonna test out new ways to vote for new games I play for Saturday night streams. I'll try to break it down as best as I can, but I'm still kind of working out the full details.

How it used to work

So, I used to decide on new games by throwing out suggestions all over the place (Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, etc) just to get a feel on what people would want to see. I didn't actually tally votes or anything. I put more consideration towards the game I get the most feedback on. I also take consideration from Patreon supporters (so, basically, the one person who currently is deciding to support my ongoing music campaign) or those who redeem enough "tokens" (my Twitch chat currency) earned by watching the Twitch stream through Revlo. Ultimately, I'd have the final say on what to play. For an example, I mostly wanted to play ReCore as my current SELECT game, but had more responses across all sites going for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, so I made the final decision to pick that game. I don't feel like this is a proper way to choose a game, especially for people who actually show up to a stream instead of random comments from people searching a hashtag on Instagram.

What I'm testing

So, first and foremost, I want to focus on the people who show up to the stream. If you're watching, you will have a voice. There's a pretty cool tool I want to test out that puts voting in real-time and you can do it in the chat as I'm live and see the results on screen. You will see an overlay on the stream (across all platforms I stream to). You will be able to vote in chat for the game you want if you're watching on Twitch (this tool does not currently work with YouTube and Beam, but I will look into more options that do). The idea is that you will be able to vote once per stream. Each poll for each stream will be totaled before switching over to the new game. That's not all, though...

More ways to vote in stream

If you've shown up to a stream on Twitch, you know about my in-chat currency, "tokens". You earn this just by watching the stream. Every minute earns you a token. And you can redeem these through Revlo. Tokens can also be used to put a vote towards a game. Before, I used to have the amount of tokens needed for a vote really high so that long-time viewers have a bigger influence. I realize this was not very achievable for most and not fair at all to new viewers who want to stick around. So I've changed it up. 1 hour's worth of watching can get you another vote (which has no limit). Tokens are accumulative, so they don't expire. Whenever I stream, I typically play between 2 to 4 hours, usually 2 to 3 days a week. Considering how long some SELECT games I play take to beat, you can use quite a few votes to push for your game. Unfortunately, I don't have a way to implement this into YouTube or Beam as Revlo only works with Twitch.

Patreon and other outside support

For now, I'm still deciding to let Patreon supporters (at the $4+ gaming reward tier) have an influence on what I'm playing. I'm not completely sure how I will end up doing this, but right now I'm deciding to put 5 points towards your game choice for each poll I make in-between SELECT games (not per stream, like regular votes or votes on Revlo). I'm also looking into starting up a new monthly subscription service separate to Patreon specifically for gaming and my live streams, since Patreon is mostly geared towards my music and YouTube channel. The same concept will apply to that new platform as well but better integrated into the stream. If you decide to support on Patreon and the new platform, you will be able to use both votes (so 10 votes in total). However, in all honesty, I would suggest sticking to one option (if you decide to do so at all) and choose the one that works best for you. If I find my gaming audience is more receptive to the new platform, it is very likely I will remove the gaming tier from Patreon and move it to the new platform instead so that I strictly focus on music rewards for Patreon. You can use this option whether you watch live on Twitch, YouTube, or Beam.

Promoting to social media, but not counting...

I'll still be promoting polls on Twitter and Instagram. Not to gather more votes, but to gain interest and, obviously, promote the stream. This also helps if I don't end up getting any votes towards a new game and need help deciding. The results from social media posts will not affect the stream polls at all that I will be totaling up.

How games are chosen

There's a lot of games in my back catalog that I've never gone through, a lot of games I want to replay, and new games that I want to check out. I'll try to get a good mix of all of those for polls. I'm going to try and keep it down to 3 games per poll. However, if you want to suggest a game for me to play to consider in the next poll, you are more than welcome to do so! To make things easier, I have a list of possible games I own that I can play on Twitch on my Tumblr that you can look through, but can also suggest something outside of that list. Keep in mind that if it's a game I've already played and beat for SELECT and have a playlist up on YouTube for it, chances are that I won't pick that game unless it's something I really want to replay again (like Among the Sleep, for example).

End result

When I complete a SELECT game, before I start a new one, I will total the votes across all polls for each stream as well as votes through Revlo, Patreon, and other sources to decide on a game. Ultimately, I will make the final decision even despite poll results, but this will be depending on how badly I want to play something compared the the other options and only if results are close. This will rarely be the situation. If no votes are placed, I will go by what responses I get from social media or whatever I want to play the most.

I'd like your input on this new voting method and look forward to testing this out with you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I'll also be making a "!selectrules" command in my Twitch chat to give a brief description of the rules so you have a better understanding on how voting works. 

TL;DR for the impatient...

  • Vote once per stream in Twitch chat
  • Redeem tokens on Twitch/Revlo to vote more
  • Patreon/Subscriber votes worth 5 per poll
  • Social media comments no longer counts towards votes
  • Game picked by total after completing current game
  • Ultimate end decision will be made by myself in odd situations

Recent Assassin's Creed Syndicate streams

I haven't been archiving a lot of my streams lately. I don't archive something usually because I don't find anything particularly interesting that happened that would be worth re-watching. That might be bad for content, but I actually find it relieving at times because that's less editing work for me for long form videos that rarely get any views anyway. However, I've been continuing in Assassin's Creed Syndicate during Saturday night streams as usual. So here are the latest ones you may have missed. Just a warning that the game audio in the first stream is echoed because of an issue I was not aware of after changing audio settings through OBS.

EDIT: I added a highlight at the bottom!

Full Streams


Recent Twitch/YouTube streams (Feb 25 - Mar 4)

If you're following me on social media, you know that I've had to break away from streaming for a bit. As a result, I haven't broadcasted as often as I usually do lately and the streams have been more casual, which usually means I don't archive them. However, here is the latest progress on my Assassin's Creed Syndicate run and my last Mirror's Edge Catalyst achievement hunting stream (where I got the final achievements) in full. See you all online again soon!

Full Streams

Clearing up FAQ for game VOD/streaming monetization.

This blog idea just came to mind and thought it would be a good idea to link to this whenever I get questions like this again on stream. It's possible I may update this if I get more questions.

Do you make any money from YouTube?

Short answer is no. Long answer; I enable monetization for all my videos if it is possible to do so under YouTube and AdSense's terms. When this comes to my music channel, it's for any vlogs or original music where I own the rights to all the content in the video (unless YouTube's algorithm detects an approved cover I can get an EXTREMELY small percentage of the advertisement earnings from). For my gaming channel, it's any videos that are approved by developers or publishers that is using game content, likely within each of their own particular guidelines, and not containing any other content that I do not have the appropriate rights to use. Since my game videos, original music, and vlogs (for the most part) barely get enough views (or more importantly, ad impressions/clicks), I usually see a few cents each month as a result and not able to reach the threshold to withdraw my earnings from AdSense. So, once again, I don't make any money from YouTube at this time.

Do you make any money from Twitch?

No. I am not Partnered on Twitch.

Do you make any money from Beam?


Do you make any money from any outside sources through YouTube?

Sort of, yes. I usually have call-to-actions, annotations, cards, and links in video descriptions to direct viewers to purchase or listen to music or purchase merchandise (available on this website through SpreadShirt) in my videos. This is specifically for my music channel, not necessarily my gaming or other channels. Shirt sales are practically non-existent at the point of writing this so I'm not able to reach the threshold to withdraw my earnings from SpreadShirt. I do typically earn a small amount each month through digital sales and streaming through platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Loudr (which is being discontinued), Spotify, and Deezer. I also direct viewers to support me through Patreon. I'm looking into additional platforms for possible support as well.

Do you make any money from any outside sources through Twitch/YouTube/Beam live streams?

Not at this time. For the most part, I sometimes direct viewers to my store (available on this website through SpreadShirt) or to support my music content through Patreon. Mention of my music availability may come up if prompted in my chat. I'm looking into additional platforms for possible support as well.

I use an ad blocker. Will this affect you at all?

Yes and no. In terms of my YouTube videos, it will prevent me from getting any ad revenue through AdSense (unless you are using YouTube Red). This will not affect my live streams as I do not monetize my YouTube streams and I am not partnered on Twitch or Beam.

Will you be adding PayPal/StreamLabs/StreamTip/Muxy/GameWisp/etc to your channels?

Possibly. I'm looking into a few of those and actually have them set up and ready to go. However, I don't see the justification at this time being a small streamer just starting to build a small community and do not do this professionally. I also will not make any big announcements if I decide to do so. You may just notice a panel on my Twitch channel (if even that) out of the blue one day as a soft launch with not much or any focus on it. 

Can I give you Bits or subscribe to you on Twitch?

No. Because I am not partnered, I cannot accept Bits or have a Subscribe button. It's possible I may add my own subscribe button with a service like GameWisp. The closest thing I have to a subscription option is my Patreon.

Ask any additional questions I did not answer in the comments!

Twitch/YouTube streams + highlights from last weekend (Feb 18 - 19)

I have been streaming a lot this week, but at very short periods. Here's what I have archived. Also to note, I have done several impromptu, late night streams this week revolving around getting Xbox achievements. I plan to try and do these more often as much as I can. I do not plan to archive these streams unless something happens that's worth highlighting. So if you want to check out my process and not able to catch it live, make sure to go through the past broadcasts on Twitch before they're expired.

Full Streams


Twitch/YouTube streams from the weekend (Jan. 13th - 14th)

Here are full streams from the weekend. Again, I'll looking at going through these for any potential highlights to make later. We also started a new SELECT series with Unravel. I'll post a poll for what game to play next on the usual places. I also apologize for technical issues I've been having on stream lately. I'm trying to fix them as quickly as I can.

Full Streams