Twitch/YouTube Streams from the past weekend (Dec. 3rd, 2016)

I didn't do too much streaming this weekend, but I did finally return to my "Late Night Stream" game, Assassin's Creed: Rogue. I also announced that "Late Night Stream" will now be called "SELECT". I feel like this is a better way to identify these particular streams for campaign games. It's also relative to those who support me on Patreon or show up to each live stream. One of the perks I have for Patrons and through Tokens you can redeem through Revlo is the option to influence which SELECT game I play next once I'm done with me current one. I'm going to be keeping an updated list available on my Tumblr of games I have access to so you can decide what I should play next. Here is the only stream I've decided to archive from the weekend.