The New Plan For Game Streams

I know it's been a while since I last streamed. I actually attempted a stream last week (with a myriad of technical issues) and planned to highlight my explanation for my plans as a VLOG to detail my plans to return, but I figured a blog might be better.

Why I've Been Gone

There's a list of reasons, but I'll give you the short of it. I moved. I had no proper network connection. I had a horrible setup. I had a busy day life. I've been building a new gaming/production PC. I suffered a huge personal loss of data. I've been focusing on making music. 


I am going back to impromptu streams for Twitch. Wednesday nights are no longer feasible for me (though the never were much then, either). In the time I've been gone, some friends of mine have got into streaming and I'm now looking forward to playing and chatting with them on stream. I was planning to use YouTube for casual games, but my friends are all using Twitch so it will be easier to use things like Multitwitch and crossing over viewers while on the same platform. Additionally, I feel Twitch is better suited for the casual group game and not so much serialized content.

In terms of a schedule, I plan to stream Friday nights with a friend as often as we both can, as well as occasional streams other days when possible. Not sure what games we'll be playing, but multiplayer will likely be a focus and Xbox One as the primary platform.


"Late Night Streams" will be moving to YouTube, and they are moving to Saturday nights. I may not be able to play every Saturday night, but I will as much as I can. The upside is that with this new schedule, I can stream earlier than usual, and even later than usual. So no more one hour streams! We can play longer and get through the game even quicker now!

The nice thing about YouTube Gaming is you can rewind the stream if you miss part of it and want to catch the beginning, set the quality to a more stable option if you can't handle HD video with your bandwidth, and just seems to be all around more stable than Twitch in my experience. Plus, it makes things easier for me for automatically sorting into appropriate playlists, setting stream event schedules, thumbnails to promote the stream, monetization, etc.

Honestly, I prefer YouTube Gaming overall as a platform, but most content and broadcasters I watch are on Twitch and I find the community is just a better experience through Twitch. Nevertheless, I will be using both for different kinds of streams.