Taking a break from "Late Night Streams" on YouTube

I don't know if you've noticed but, while I've been streaming more on Twitch lately, I've been missing the new Saturday night "Late Night Streams" on YouTube Gaming. If you don't know what my YouTube streams are about, I pick a game to start and keep playing it week after week until I beat it. The past couple games were Tomb Raider and Pokemon Snap.

There's a few reasons why I do this on YouTube instead of Twitch (though I'm considering possibly moving all my streams to Twitch... a discussion for another day), but the main reasons come down to the serialized nature of the streams and how well it works with YouTube. YouTube offers instant playback for anyone late to a stream, I can have it automatically added to a playlist of that series after it's done (a feature not yet available on Twitch), and I can have advertisements for monetization through my YouTube channel whereas on Twitch I need to have a big enough following to be partnered. I also find the player and quality on YouTube is a lot more stable than non-partnered Twitch streams.

Reasons aside, I was planning on streaming Bastion as my next game. Unfortunately, the past few weeks I've been skipping out on the YouTube streams. This is because of last minute plans that kept me from home. Streaming is not a job for me (yet) and I don't get paid for it, other than videos I can monetize on YouTube. So that means my priorities are elsewhere. But I also have things coming up the next few weeks as well. It's likely I'll be busy this Saturday to stream, but I definitely will be away from home (and a PC) next weekend between the 17th - 19th. So I won't be able to stream at all then. After that, I'm hoping to be back week after week grinding away through Bastion.

Speaking of YouTube, I've been mostly using it lately for archived Twitch streams, but I'm starting to upload more short-form videos including Twitch highlights so you can get the best moments of my live streams.