Why are my audio settings always out of sync lately?

I primarily stream Xbox One games. With the Elgato HD (the original one), there is about a 1-2 second delay with what's on my gaming Monitor, and OBS Studio. So my reaction time to what's on stream is really early. Furthermore, the game audio is being sent from my monitor to my PC's line-in instead of the Elgato so that I can listen back to it from my PC instead of my Xbox. So the game audio is played back early, too. So to match everything up, I used to set a 1500ms delay on OBS Classic so it's all around the same time. Now that I'm on OBS Studio, for some reason, it looks like I have to have separate settings for each source. Which is a huge pain to deal with.

The past few streams, I've relied on my chat to help fix the issue. So, for an example, last night I had to change my webcam to 1000ms, my microphone to 1500ms, and my "desktop audio" (for music, desktop sounds, and game audio coming in from my line-in) to 800. I've also been having a weird issue with my audio interface and the latest Windows 10 anniversary update that has been breaking my stream, especially when recording music.

I'm trying to figure out how to work around these issues. But I'm also looking to get a new Elgato HD60 Pro to improve my stream delay and quality. I'll update the specs chart on my gaming page on this website whenever I change my equipment.

Also, I forget my settings all the time since OBS Studio removes them whenever I have issues so I mostly made this blog for reference...