Clearing up FAQ for game VOD/streaming monetization.

This blog idea just came to mind and thought it would be a good idea to link to this whenever I get questions like this again on stream. It's possible I may update this if I get more questions.

Do you make any money from YouTube?

Short answer is no. Long answer; I enable monetization for all my videos if it is possible to do so under YouTube and AdSense's terms. When this comes to my music channel, it's for any vlogs or original music where I own the rights to all the content in the video (unless YouTube's algorithm detects an approved cover I can get an EXTREMELY small percentage of the advertisement earnings from). For my gaming channel, it's any videos that are approved by developers or publishers that is using game content, likely within each of their own particular guidelines, and not containing any other content that I do not have the appropriate rights to use. Since my game videos, original music, and vlogs (for the most part) barely get enough views (or more importantly, ad impressions/clicks), I usually see a few cents each month as a result and not able to reach the threshold to withdraw my earnings from AdSense. So, once again, I don't make any money from YouTube at this time.

Do you make any money from Twitch?

No. I am not Partnered on Twitch.

Do you make any money from Beam?


Do you make any money from any outside sources through YouTube?

Sort of, yes. I usually have call-to-actions, annotations, cards, and links in video descriptions to direct viewers to purchase or listen to music or purchase merchandise (available on this website through SpreadShirt) in my videos. This is specifically for my music channel, not necessarily my gaming or other channels. Shirt sales are practically non-existent at the point of writing this so I'm not able to reach the threshold to withdraw my earnings from SpreadShirt. I do typically earn a small amount each month through digital sales and streaming through platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Loudr (which is being discontinued), Spotify, and Deezer. I also direct viewers to support me through Patreon. I'm looking into additional platforms for possible support as well.

Do you make any money from any outside sources through Twitch/YouTube/Beam live streams?

Not at this time. For the most part, I sometimes direct viewers to my store (available on this website through SpreadShirt) or to support my music content through Patreon. Mention of my music availability may come up if prompted in my chat. I'm looking into additional platforms for possible support as well.

I use an ad blocker. Will this affect you at all?

Yes and no. In terms of my YouTube videos, it will prevent me from getting any ad revenue through AdSense (unless you are using YouTube Red). This will not affect my live streams as I do not monetize my YouTube streams and I am not partnered on Twitch or Beam.

Will you be adding PayPal/StreamLabs/StreamTip/Muxy/GameWisp/etc to your channels?

Possibly. I'm looking into a few of those and actually have them set up and ready to go. However, I don't see the justification at this time being a small streamer just starting to build a small community and do not do this professionally. I also will not make any big announcements if I decide to do so. You may just notice a panel on my Twitch channel (if even that) out of the blue one day as a soft launch with not much or any focus on it. 

Can I give you Bits or subscribe to you on Twitch?

No. Because I am not partnered, I cannot accept Bits or have a Subscribe button. It's possible I may add my own subscribe button with a service like GameWisp. The closest thing I have to a subscription option is my Patreon.

Ask any additional questions I did not answer in the comments!