Changes to "SELECT" game voting.

I'm gonna test out new ways to vote for new games I play for Saturday night streams. I'll try to break it down as best as I can, but I'm still kind of working out the full details.

How it used to work

So, I used to decide on new games by throwing out suggestions all over the place (Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, etc) just to get a feel on what people would want to see. I didn't actually tally votes or anything. I put more consideration towards the game I get the most feedback on. I also take consideration from Patreon supporters (so, basically, the one person who currently is deciding to support my ongoing music campaign) or those who redeem enough "tokens" (my Twitch chat currency) earned by watching the Twitch stream through Revlo. Ultimately, I'd have the final say on what to play. For an example, I mostly wanted to play ReCore as my current SELECT game, but had more responses across all sites going for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, so I made the final decision to pick that game. I don't feel like this is a proper way to choose a game, especially for people who actually show up to a stream instead of random comments from people searching a hashtag on Instagram.

What I'm testing

So, first and foremost, I want to focus on the people who show up to the stream. If you're watching, you will have a voice. There's a pretty cool tool I want to test out that puts voting in real-time and you can do it in the chat as I'm live and see the results on screen. You will see an overlay on the stream (across all platforms I stream to). You will be able to vote in chat for the game you want if you're watching on Twitch (this tool does not currently work with YouTube and Beam, but I will look into more options that do). The idea is that you will be able to vote once per stream. Each poll for each stream will be totaled before switching over to the new game. That's not all, though...

More ways to vote in stream

If you've shown up to a stream on Twitch, you know about my in-chat currency, "tokens". You earn this just by watching the stream. Every minute earns you a token. And you can redeem these through Revlo. Tokens can also be used to put a vote towards a game. Before, I used to have the amount of tokens needed for a vote really high so that long-time viewers have a bigger influence. I realize this was not very achievable for most and not fair at all to new viewers who want to stick around. So I've changed it up. 1 hour's worth of watching can get you another vote (which has no limit). Tokens are accumulative, so they don't expire. Whenever I stream, I typically play between 2 to 4 hours, usually 2 to 3 days a week. Considering how long some SELECT games I play take to beat, you can use quite a few votes to push for your game. Unfortunately, I don't have a way to implement this into YouTube or Beam as Revlo only works with Twitch.

Patreon and other outside support

For now, I'm still deciding to let Patreon supporters (at the $4+ gaming reward tier) have an influence on what I'm playing. I'm not completely sure how I will end up doing this, but right now I'm deciding to put 5 points towards your game choice for each poll I make in-between SELECT games (not per stream, like regular votes or votes on Revlo). I'm also looking into starting up a new monthly subscription service separate to Patreon specifically for gaming and my live streams, since Patreon is mostly geared towards my music and YouTube channel. The same concept will apply to that new platform as well but better integrated into the stream. If you decide to support on Patreon and the new platform, you will be able to use both votes (so 10 votes in total). However, in all honesty, I would suggest sticking to one option (if you decide to do so at all) and choose the one that works best for you. If I find my gaming audience is more receptive to the new platform, it is very likely I will remove the gaming tier from Patreon and move it to the new platform instead so that I strictly focus on music rewards for Patreon. You can use this option whether you watch live on Twitch, YouTube, or Beam.

Promoting to social media, but not counting...

I'll still be promoting polls on Twitter and Instagram. Not to gather more votes, but to gain interest and, obviously, promote the stream. This also helps if I don't end up getting any votes towards a new game and need help deciding. The results from social media posts will not affect the stream polls at all that I will be totaling up.

How games are chosen

There's a lot of games in my back catalog that I've never gone through, a lot of games I want to replay, and new games that I want to check out. I'll try to get a good mix of all of those for polls. I'm going to try and keep it down to 3 games per poll. However, if you want to suggest a game for me to play to consider in the next poll, you are more than welcome to do so! To make things easier, I have a list of possible games I own that I can play on Twitch on my Tumblr that you can look through, but can also suggest something outside of that list. Keep in mind that if it's a game I've already played and beat for SELECT and have a playlist up on YouTube for it, chances are that I won't pick that game unless it's something I really want to replay again (like Among the Sleep, for example).

End result

When I complete a SELECT game, before I start a new one, I will total the votes across all polls for each stream as well as votes through Revlo, Patreon, and other sources to decide on a game. Ultimately, I will make the final decision even despite poll results, but this will be depending on how badly I want to play something compared the the other options and only if results are close. This will rarely be the situation. If no votes are placed, I will go by what responses I get from social media or whatever I want to play the most.

I'd like your input on this new voting method and look forward to testing this out with you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I'll also be making a "!selectrules" command in my Twitch chat to give a brief description of the rules so you have a better understanding on how voting works. 

TL;DR for the impatient...

  • Vote once per stream in Twitch chat
  • Redeem tokens on Twitch/Revlo to vote more
  • Patreon/Subscriber votes worth 5 per poll
  • Social media comments no longer counts towards votes
  • Game picked by total after completing current game
  • Ultimate end decision will be made by myself in odd situations