Retiring my "Twitch/Gaming" Patreon Tier

I am removing my $4 "Twitch / Gaming" tier and will instead be using another subscription based service for my Twitch. I've been debating this decision for a while and also considered keeping both options available for viewers but in the end I felt it just made more sense to keep all my gaming focus separate from my music (as I often do anyway). So, for Patreon, you will only see the basic $1 tier for the recommended support option with early music, $2 for extra content (including exclusive access to previews to provide feedback on before release), and $5 for multitracks.

For Twitch, I'm moving things over to GameWisp. You by no means need to use both platforms (though you're more than welcome to). If you want to help me work on music, then Patreon is the right place for you. If you want to support my stream and get Twitch perks when I stream live, I would recommend GameWisp instead. It's still a work in progress, but so far there's 3 basic subscription options. $5/month get you extra voting for polls (such as my "SELECT" game nights voting), Discord role, and priority queue for game nights when I play games like Jackbox Party Pack with the chat. $10/month influences my in-game choices along with shout-outs and more. $15/month gets a name in a panel and invites to custom game nights, such as Halo 5 or GTA V. This is not something that's necessary as a lot of these perks can be obtained through my in-chat currency you earn by watching my Twitch every minute and redeemed through Revlo for free.

As I've said in the past, I've been avoiding donation based services for my gaming content because it was something I personally did not feel comfortable with. But I've come to the realization that I'm in need of other avenues for additional income, especially when it comes to working on new music and videos. Additionally, even though I'm streaming my gaming (and sometimes music production) live on the Internet for recreation, it is something I've put quite a bit of personal investment in and would like to continue to improve the quality of. So this is one way to do so. I'm also looking into services like Streamlabs for tips which I might also implement soon.

Again, this is not something that's necessary. If you want to show up and just hang out in the stream, that's exactly why I do it. I've found gaming is a lot more fun when you have an audience that can interact with you. If you want to show support but don't have any money, keep in mind the following; some of my videos are monetized (even though I don't really make much from that), I earn royalties by streaming my music on Spotify, and just by simply sharing my videos/music, watching in chat, or hosting my live streams helps me out.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions on these changes.