Only streaming to Twitch, no more YouTube Gaming, Beam.

For the past few weeks, live streaming has become more difficult for me. I couldn't exactly pinpoint the issue, but I have a better idea now of what's happening. While I believe part of the issue has to do with my ISP as well as my PC, I have noticed after a test stream last night that things work a lot better when I stream solely to Twitch, rather than also streaming to YouTube Gaming and Beam at the same time. 

I use a service called Restream to broadcast to multiple sites at a time. I chose Twitch, YouTube, and Beam for different reasons. I saw value in each and broadcasting to multiple services (especially smaller ones) is definitely a benefit for me to get new viewers in. There were other services I signed up for but never went through with, mostly because it was difficult enough for me to maintain over three platforms at a time. Unfortunately, even after switching available servers for Restream, I still had disconnecting issues and constant dropped frames. Last night, this issue kept recurring instantly after I started streaming. Once I switched to a Twitch server, everything worked flawlessly (aside from a few noted dropped frames in OBS hours into the stream).

In all fairness, I could probably reach out to Restream and try resolving the issue with them, but this was kind of a sign for me. Like I said, it was getting harder for me to manage multiple platforms at once. Plus, many of the tools I use strictly only work with Twitch, such as Revlo. Trying to implement something like that to work as well on YouTube and Beam to give all viewers the same experience was extremely challenging was not worth the effort. 

I still like the Beam platform and it's features like it's no latency streaming, and audience interaction. In fact, many of my friends who started on Twitch has switched to Beam because they like the service better. And in many ways I see YouTube Gaming the better streaming platform. However, many of the issues I've had with Twitch originally have been vastly improved. Most of the relationships I've made while streaming have been on Twitch. It has become the platform I most enjoy using and watching and so that is the reason I've decided to stick with it.

In terms of YouTube, that will still always be my home. past broadcasts I wish to archive will be uploaded there. Highlights, Let's Plays, and more will be featured and promoted there. For Beam, I don't intend to use as much. While I got some new followers and support on Beam, it has been by far the least interactive of the 3 for me. However, it is a good backup platform for those times when Twitch is not working (which happens once in a while). I think focusing my live videos to Twitch (which includes music production) will be more beneficial for me and allow me to improve the quality and focus of my live streams.