Changes to Beam/Mixer, Revlo shutting down

So I have some updates to my last post. It seems this was a really weird time to make changes to my live stream.

First of all, I said I won't be using Beam anymore and instead use it as a backup streaming service. Soon after, they announced a rebranding to Mixer along with a lot of incredible features that is making me rethink my decision. For now, though, I'll be sticking with Twitch. However, Mixer is definitely something I will look into using for some future ideas I've been thinking about as it seems like it has a ton of potential.

Secondly, Revlo just announced they will be shutting down. Revlo is the currency I use for my Twitch chat to earn points (I called them "tokens") to spend towards rewards. In fact, my most recently stream overlay I JUST created implements some of those rewards, such as a looped GIF image that can be changed by the viewer.

This is a feature I don't want to give up for my stream and was looking for ways to add to it, so now I'm scrambling to find a replacement (so far, StreamElements is the top contender). For now, though, until mid June, I'll be offering 5x tokens in chat (5 tokens/minute watched) and have halved most of my rewards to make them easier to obtain and spend points on. The exceptions being the AMA reward from 25 tokens to 10, and the "Jackpot" reward (which I just put some work into, integrating it with my new Discord server and making what I think to be a pretty great on stream alert). I may also be giving away free tokens for people showing up and actively chatting during the next few streams and for new followers.

The point is, while I plan to find a way to transfer existing points to a new service, SPEND YOUR TOKENS NOW! Because it may not be exactly the same and Revlo will be closing down on June 16th!