Back on Mixer and the Return of "!tokens" with StreamElements

I have a couple things to give an update on.

First of all, I'm back to streaming on Mixer (formerly Beam). I think I've figured out my issue with multistreaming and so I've decided to stream to Twitch and Mixer at the same time. I've decided not to continue with YouTube Gaming for a few reasons but it was mostly for management purposes. If I go further into that explanation it will be boring so I'll just leave it at that. For now, I plan to continue streaming to both platforms, but if I encounter an issue preventing me from doing so, Twitch is my default focus and fallback.

I'm reintroducing my chat currency "tokens" again. I've moved everything from Revlo over to a new service called StreamElements. For the most part, things will work the same but there will be some small differences. Instead of earning 1 token per minute, you will earn 10 tokens every 10 minutes. This is a limitation StreamElements currently has as I cannot set earning time down to a minute. As a result, I have also rounded up everyone's currently earned tokens to the nearest ten. So if you had 37 tokens before Revlo shut down, you will now have 40.

Most of the rewards have transferred over and most of them are at the same value. Some of them I've removed or temporarily disabled for different reasons. I'll be adding more rewards and changing others throughout testing. StreamElements also has additional games and other fun features I'm interested to test out. There will no longer be a 10 tokens / week bonus for subscribing on YouTube or following on Twitter since this is not a feature StreamElements currently supports. Instead, you can earn additional tokens by following on Twitch, hosting, and subscribing on GameWisp. Unfortunately, I can not extend all this to Mixer until StreamElements supports this. So you'll have to watch on Twitch in order to earn tokens.

A big thing I built up tokens for was integrating it with my Saturday night "SELECT" games and voting for the next game in a poll. I'm rethinking this whole process to not only work with StreamElements, but also because I am no longer playing SELECT games exclusively on Saturdays since it's now become a production for YouTube playlist playthroughs and sometimes want to play these games on other nights throughout the week in order to get through games faster and move on to play other games, rather than waiting once a week to enjoy a new game. I still plan to use Strawpolls for the voting and using tokens to place additional votes. The plan is to spend tokens for votes, reset polls using tokens so everyone can vote again on top of their existing votes, and subscribe on GameWisp for additional votes and getting more tokens which can be spent on more votes. I'll probably talk about this more once I have everything figured out more.

TL;DR, I'm playing on Mixer again, but you earn tokens watching on Twitch that you can use to spend on fun things in chat.