How "SELECT" voting now works

First of all, this blog involves using the new Twitch Extensions. I have since switched to the StreamLabs extension to replace StreamElements as my chat currency bot for "Tokens", which I have not talked about yet on this blog. That will be a post I'll be working on soon. For now, here's how voting now works for choosing my next "SELECT" game, since I just started a new poll and I have been asked about it once so far.


There is now an icon that appears when you watch a stream live on Twitch. It will have my logo on it and appear just above where the "clips" icon is on the desktop version of Twitch (this only works on desktop at the moment). When you click on it, you'll see how many Tokens you have and what you can spend them on (if you're showing less Tokens than you've had on Revlo or StreamElements, I will have a blog soon that explains how to get those Tokens back). When I have a new poll, it will show at the top of the list and you'll be able to place your vote that way instead of a link to a straw poll (please note, this only works on Twitch now and not Mixer).

This is the simplest way to vote on the next SELECT game, but it's not the ONLY way! I will repost the poll every time I stream so you can vote more than once as long as you keep showing up to a stream before I switch over to the new game. You can also spend Tokens you've earned to redeem an additional vote if your choice isn't winning. This can be done multiple times. There is also an option to "reset" the poll with your Tokens. If that happens, I will total the current votes and start the poll over again, so everyone has a chance to vote again.

There's one final way to vote. If you subscribe on GameWisp, you will have the option to redeem additional votes. I have not figured that implementation out yet since I was planning to do it with StreamElements, but I will set up some way through GameWisp for you to let me know you want to redeem votes as long as you remain subscribed.

And that's it. Basically, just show up to as many live streams as possible (I believe VODCASTS work too, as I sometimes see the extension show up) to earn tokens for every minute you watch and vote whenever I am streaming live. I will total all votes right before I switch over to a new game. Again, I will be posting another vlog explaining the switch from StreamElements to the StreamLabs extension on Twitch soon.