Music Copyright Information

All original music created by me for either Uncertain Sound or Dead Night Sky does have proof of copyright. All other music on my website, whether used as "mashups", part of videos, sharing music within a blog post, or any other reason is property of it's respective copyright holders and will usually be stated somewhere within the post it is featured on. I have no connection to the artists or labels for music that I do not own unless I explicitly state that I do have the artist or copyright holder's permission to use the music in the manor that it is posted. Questions about original music and music featured on my website are answered below.

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Who owns the copyright for music under the Dead Night Sky name?*
*Below is the original information for Dead Night Sky music copyright. The group has since drifted apart and the Dead Night Sky name will be rebranded soon and the information below will be changed as a result.

The Dead Night Sky name is my own brand that I use to promote and sell. It has also been mutually agreed upon through Internet discussions by the other members of the group for me to use the name for my own use, even for commercial purposes. Music under the Dead Night Sky name belongs to the individual creator(s) of that music who owns the proof of copyright. Each individual member has ownership and control of the music they create. The Dead Night Sky name represents a group effort from a number or entirety of the group to improve upon an already created piece by an individual member. The copyright holder of the song can decide at any point to disassociate that song from Dead Night Sky if they so choose. The copyright holder of the song has the right to sell that song to make money if they choose but must do so on their own using resources available at their disposal. Money earned on a song purchase can only be given to the copyright holder and no other member of Dead Night Sky unless a deal is agreed upon before putting a song up for sale between the members who will be receiving that money. These rules also apply to lyrics that were used as a foundation to make music around, though the instrumental track surrounding those lyrics belong to the creator of that music and the lyrics belong to the original lyricist. Both the lyrics and music can be sold separately by the respective copyright holders but an agreement must be made between the creators of the song if selling the song together as a finished product how the money is handled. Typically, rights will go to the person who originally worked on the song (the lyricist) in this case but scenarios can vary depending upon agreements. If there is any dispute over a particular song that was made under the Dead Night Sky name that I did not have a part in developing, I do not hold any responsibility for that song and the dispute must be handled by the person(s) involved. I will never make money off music created by another member of Dead Night Sky in any way. This includes but is not limited to enabling videos for monetization on YouTube. I will only ever make money off original music that I own or from the Dead Night Sky brand name. The Dead Night Sky name is available to use by all members of the group for their music if any number of the other members assisted in the creation of the music that the name is to be associated with at any time without my approval, even if it is to be used to sell and make money as long it is being used for music and not merchandise or other purposes.

Even if your music is available for free, am I still able to share it or even obtain it from another source that you do not provide?
Yes, under certain conditions. You can share the music to anyone or post it online as long as I have made it available for download and I am credited for the music. If it is a demo or other recording that was meant for streaming or you were sent a preview for feedback purposes and it was not meant for download or distribution, you must not share that music and should not have obtained it in the first place without my permission. You may not alter the music files if you plan to share them. The original files MUST state that I am the creator and artist of the music and must retain it's quality of 320kbps or higher that I make it available in. This is to keep the proper sound quality that it is meant to be experienced in and to not diminish the songs. It is fine if you download the music from an alternate source that I do not provide though I prefer if you use the sources I provide (such as ReverbNation, BandCamp, MediaFire, SoundCloud, and more) as you can typically expect the music to be free, contain the proper metadata, retain the appropriate quality that it is intended to be in, and so it is easier for me to keep track of how many people are listening through stats available form those sources. You cannot claim my music as your own, sell it, or use it for commercial purposes. For more on this, continue to read the questions below.

If your music is available for purchase, am I able to share it or obtain it from another source that you do not provide (in other words, "pirating")?
Yes, but with the same conditions as stated above in the previous question. I do not care if you pirate my music or share it with others. Again, you are not allowed sell or use my music for commercial purposes, even if you purchased them.

Can I use your music in a project I'm working on?
Most likely, yes. You must ask my permission before you do so. If you're using my music for commercial purposes (monetizing a YouTube video, used in a movie or video project, etc) a longer discussion may need to take place about what kind of content the music will be used in and how my music will be used.

Can I make a remix of your music?
Most likely, yes. If the song is being altered for a full remix that drastically changes the song then I will absolutely be on board with a remix. You may not slightly alter my work in a very minimal way. It is required that you indicate that the original work was created by me and that you do not take credit for the original music the remix is based on. You cannot sell the music without my permission or use it for commercial purposes. I prefer if you contact me before making a remix of my music.

Can I make a cover of your music?
Yes, as long as you indicate that the original work was created by me and that you do not take credit for the original music the cover is based on. You cannot sell the music without my permission or use it for commercial purposes. I prefer if you contact me before making a cover of my music.

I'm an artist or record label and I want my music that you have used in a "mashup" taken down.
I will oblige to any requests to remove copyrighted content I do not own from my website or any other page on the Internet that I provide this content on, including MediaFire, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Once a request is received I will immediately take down or make private the content in question and review the request thoroughly. If I find the request to be legitimate, the content will be removed if not already done so or continue to be made private depending on the situation and my discretion. If the request is not legitimate, the content may reappear after I have determined that the request was not from an actual copyright holder and that there is no legal threat involved.

Can I use your "mashup" in a project I am working on?
My answer is no, but even though I worked on the mixing of the mashup, I do not own the individual copyrights for the included music so technically I do not have a say in this situation. That being said, the answer is still no because you also do not have the permission from the copyright holders. If you still decide to pursue this, I ask that you credit me for the mixing work of the mashup and explicitly state that I (as well as you) do not own the copyright to the music used in the mashup, that no copyright infringement is intended, and that the rights belong to the artists or labels of the artists mentioned for the music used in the mashup.

I'm an artist or record label and I want my music that you have used in a cover song, video, or other content taken down.
Please contact me regarding the source of the alleged infringement, what material is being infringed upon, and any other details I may need to know.

I wish to collaborate with you musically.
Please visit my contact page.

Videos and YouTube

Videos made on YouTube or other video hosting sites typically have information on the page regarding the content in the video. Any video that contains only content that I created, own, and/or have permission to use will be monetized to receive ad revenue. Any other videos will only have advertisements provided by the host and I do not receive any portion of that revenue. If you have questions, concerns, or a complaint about any of my videos, please contact me.

YouTube Monetization

I am currently not part of a YouTube Multi-Channel Network and instead incorporate Google AdSense ads on all of my YouTube channels myself. As a result, I usually have a difficult time getting videos of my original content approved by YouTube in a timely manner. This page will hopefully alleviate some of the complications and will continuously be updated as changes need to be made.


Copyright information is available on all of my music releases. In addition to official releases, copyright information on other musical content is listed below.

  • "Dream" - [Sheet Music 1] [Sheet Music 2]

  • "Nothing" (a.k.a "Untitled (Alive at Dawn)") - [Sheet Music]

  • "Regret" - [Sheet Music 1] [Sheet Music 2]

  • "Introduction" (a jingle I use as part of an intro to various YouTube videos) - [Sheet Music]

  • "Carousel" (a.k.a "White") - I do not have sheet music or an official release for this. Proof of copyright consists of a physical, dated recording from 2008. However, demos currently exist for this song here, here, and here.

Channel Uses

All original content I own the rights to use can be used in any video in the following YouTube channels I run listed below.











Any additional channels not listed above that are requesting approval for monetization using any of my content should have received a confirmation email from me personally via stating explicitly that the channel or video in question has my permission to use my content for monetization.


If you are looking to collaborate or cross-promote on YouTube, please contact me so we can discuss it further.

Content ID Claims

I am currently signed with AdRev. Chances are if you've received a claim for the use of my music, that means I've uploaded whatever content you've used to AdRev to monetize on the use of my music in YouTube videos or even other websites like SoundCloud by making a portion of the ad revenue from any ads displayed on that content. If you are getting a false claim for my music or other content, please contact me with the all the appropriate information and follow YouTube's methods for filing a dispute. Please redirect the person or company making the claim to this post and provide all the appropriate details to them. I will try my best to assist with any false claims within my ability to do so. If you're just looking for permission to use my material for commercial use for your project or creative content and want an omission from any claims made by myself or AdRev, I also recommend you contact me so I can review the content in question and send you the appropriate documentation to have your content approved or to remove your video from AdRev's content ID search.

Usage Rights

As stated elsewhere on this site, my original music is offered for free and typically has a creative commons license of non-commercial share-alike. This means you are free to use my music for any non-commercial creative works as long as you use the same license and you credit me for the source material. I would ask that you also provide a link to my website, YouTube channel, or the source where you downloaded or purchased my music for others to obtain it.

If you're trying to get approval of my music for commercial use, including YouTube monetization, I have to approve of it before you do so. I know from personal experience that YouTube does not allow statements made through social media so for now if I agree to you using my music for your monetized videos, I will state so specifically through email using For any other commercial uses you will still need to contact me for approval.

What is allowed

I'm not very strict when it comes to how you use my music but I do have some general guidelines for what I am okay and not okay with. Remember to provide the proper credits when using my music for your content.


  • Remixes

  • Covers

  • Background audio to support a visual narrative (such as a short film or animation).

Not allowed

  • Slightly altering my music and claiming it is a "remix".

  • Taking the direct audio without alteration and no clear creative intent, especially if claiming it as your own work

  • Diminishing the audio quality, such as using and distributing a lower bitrate than originally intended.