As a companion channel to Uncertain Sound, I started a secondary gaming channel made primarily to learn about video capture, commentary, and editing to use those skills towards other video projects. Since creating the channel, I started live streaming to Twitch and I've become hooked. I play a wide range of games on different platforms and often play with others or sometimes work on music.

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My Setup


Frequently asked questions


What time do you stream?

I'm currently trying to figure out a new schedule, but for now it's really late nights on changing days. Since this is not a job for me, my schedule is always changing. I try to keep it updated when there are changes. Make sure you follow and click the bell icon on Twitch to enable notifications for when I go live. I try to stream at least twice a week. You can get schedule updates on Twitter and Discord.

What time zone?

I live in the Eastern Time Zone.


Which platforms/games do you play?

For streaming/game capture, I typically use either a PC or Xbox One, but I also have (and can also stream) a Switch, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, Gamecube, and N64. I also have a 3DS and Vita but I don't have a way to capture them, nor do I intend to purchase a capture card for them.
I play a variety of games. I don't stick to a single game and I do not play competitively. For group streams, I'll just jump on with whatever my friends are playing (which is typically Halo 5, Overwatch, GTA V, and Rocket League).

Can I play with you?

I will usually put “w/ chat” in my stream title if I intend to play with the community. Otherwise, I typically play with my friends who are just looking to wind down and relax. Depending on who they are and how they feel, they may not be interested in having strangers joining the game and party chat.

What games do you have?

I have a database of games I own using Darkadia (HIGHLY recommend this site if you want to do the same).


What’s the music sometimes playing at the beginning of the stream or during breaks?

That’s my own music from my other YouTube channel.

Why won’t you play music during certain streams?

I like to archive my live streams. I also monetize whatever videos I can on YouTube (at least I used to, back when I was eligible for YouTube's Partner Program). Music makes this difficult for copyright reasons. My stream can be muted on Twitch, I could get strikes on YouTube or Twitch, a YouTube or Twitch video can get taken down by the copyright holder, and I won’t be able to monetize any gameplay videos. Depending on the game and the casual nature of the stream, I may play approved music for streaming on Twitch, or music from artists I've reached out to who have expressed approval, so that my videos won’t be muted if you miss a stream and want to watch later.

Which DAW are you using during your music production streams?

Mixcraft 9


Who are you playing with?

I tend to stream with specific friends regularly in several games, but mostly in Overwatch. If we’re all streaming at the same time, type “!multi” in my chat to get the link to our multi-stream.

What is “The GOOS Squad”?

The "GOOS Squad" (or "Goose Squad", there's no official spelling or terminology) is a group of friends and family I always play games with. You will typically see us playing Halo 5: Guardians together. A couple of us have a Twitch channel, but for the most part they don't care about streaming and are just playing to play the game. So please respect them and don't harass them in chat or Xbox Live. If you show up to my stream often enough, you might get know who all of them are.


Any chance you’ll stream to other platforms like Facebook?

Not at this time.

Did you make your stream layouts yourself?

Mostly, yes. I make my own Twitch panels. I guess I just like making them because I will get bored with them after a while and change them. For the intro and "BRB" scenes with the faded pink/blue living room and TV scenes showing videos from my YouTube channels, I took the living room image from Google images (I know, I'm awful) and edited it to fit the style of my stream. The outro scene when I'm ending was created by me but the moving Xbox One image I believe I got from Engadget (again... I know I'm awful). For the live stream, when I have the brushed metal or moving triangles layout which displays many things (social media, live stream chat, a "now playing" marquee for music playing, and more) I created myself with an edited royalty free metal wallpaper or animated video loop. For "full screen" scenes where it's just the game and my webcam, I use an altered version of a frame offered by the Twitch streamer Annemunition which she offers for free for other streamers to use (I found the link through Reddit somewhere).

Do you make stream layouts for others?

I've worked on stuff for friends, but otherwise, no. I've seen work from some pretty great artists if you're looking to comission someone. Ask me and I'll try pointing you in the right direction. I have never comissioned any artists for this purpose since I personally don't have a need for it so I can't personally recommend anyone from experience but if that changes I'll change this FAQ. If you still prefer to have me make your layouts, send me an email.


How can I help support your channel?

I recently became affiliated on Twitch so you now have the option to subscribe to my channel and donate Bits. I also created a Patreon for the stream and set up donations (or "tips") through Streamlabs. You can also buy merch through my Streamlabs store. Donations and subscriptions are optional and never required. I will never have a paywall for my content and it will always be available to access for free for everyone (unless there are copyright issues which are out of my control).

What are others ways I can support your content right now?

You can buy or stream my music (more info here), or support my music on Patreon. I also set up a Ko-Fi account for my music. Also, sharing and linking to my content helps me a lot more than you might realize.


Hey, I like your videos! Can you check out my channel/video/song/etc?

Sure! I'll check out any creative content people send me. Be proud of your work! Never be afraid to show it off! However, if you're asking me to see or listen to something while I'm streaming, I unfortunately won't be able to do so and will likely forget if you share it in the chat. I would recommend sending me a link afterwards as a Whisper on Twitch, on social media, or Discord. Please do not use my email for this purpose unless it's for a collaboration or other opportunity.

Hey, I like your videos and subscribed! Could you also subscribe back to me?

No. I have a strict policy against "follow4follow/sub4sub/like4like/etc". My answer to this will always be no. If you wish for me to check out something you've created, see the previous question above.

Can I add you on Xbox Live?

If you have an Xbox One, you can FOLLOW me on Xbox Live. I typically don’t add random people and just stick to friends I know. Same typically goes with Steam. I’m generally okay with PlayStation, Nintendo, or other PC platforms, though.

I’ll follow/subscribe if you do this funny thing on stream!

Here’s why I won’t do that (you can also trigger this link by typing “!fart” in chat).

Can I be a mod?

I won’t give mod status to just anyone asking for it. You can earn mod status by earning enough !tokens in my Twitch or Mixer chat through the StreamLabs Cloudbot. I will mod my friends or if I notice someone continuously comes out to my streams and participates in my chat, I will then decide on my own if I want to make them a mod. Mods must adhere to my chat rules or risk losing their mod privileges.

Regarding politics.

I try to keep my live streams away from politics. It’s not because I don’t like talking about politics or think it’s not important – quite the opposite – but I know from experience that discussions can turn very ugly, very fast. And for the most part I want to keep the discussions in my live streams positive and inclusive because most people are there to make friends and have a good time.
However, if I’m feeling particularly talkative and open on the subject, I will show it with the “!politics” command in my stream title which you can use in chat. If that’s the case, you can feel free to ask me (not anyone else in chat) what my thoughts are or just general political positions. Do not use this as an excuse to berate others who have differing opinions or beliefs of yours. If you want to have a separate conversation with me on this, I welcome it as long as it’s civil and not attacking me personally.

Why am I banned/blocked?

It's probably for a good reason.

Can I ask a mod to appeal my ban?

No. Leave the mods alone.

Where are you from/what do you do/etc?

I'm from Canada but please don't ask me or anyone else in my chat or who I'm playing with any personal questions beyond that.

Contact Me

If you want to work with me or have any questions, feel free to email me. Make sure to specifically indicate what your message is about in the subject line.

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