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11 Bit

Developer / Publisher

11 Bit Studios

11 Bit Studios
Parent Company





YouTube Monetization:


Twitch Subscriber Streams: 


Example Games
  • Anomaly franchise

  • Beat Cop

  • Children of Morta

  • Frost Punk

  • Moonlighter

  • This War of Mine

Details and Conditions

Aside from a 2016 Facebook reply on the official page stating the studio is okay with Let's Plays, I have not found an official policy or statement on monetizing videos.

In terms of specific games, the developers for the game Moonlighter (Digital Sun Games) have stated on the game's official FAQ page that monetization is allowed.

"We have always been very transparent about this. When making videos from our games and showing them on Youtube channel, Vimeo, Twitch, and others, feel free to monetize these videos accordingly to Youtube policy (and other sites’ policies). So, yes: officially – you can record, share & monetize videos showing our games!"

What it Means

  • Videos and streams ARE allowed

  • More research is needed for monetization

  • You CAN monetize your videos for the game Moonlighter

  • There ARE NO limitations,  in regards to the game Moonlighter, that prevent Twitch Subscriber streams

  • Video policies for games published by 11 Bit Studios but developed by other games studios may come down to the individual developers on a game-by-game basis. It is recommended to contact the developer for clarity if there is no video policy available

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