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Blue Isle

Developer / Publisher

Blue Isle Studios

Blue Isle Studios
Parent Company





YouTube Monetization:


Twitch Subscriber Streams: 


Example Games
  • Citadel: Forged with Fire

  • Slender: The Arrival

  • Valley

Details and Conditions

From Blue Isle Studios' Contact Us page:

"For YouTubers inquiring about the possibility of recording and posting footage from our games,
we have no problem whether you are a YouTube Partner or not. Go ahead, you have our permission."

There are no explicit rules against streaming only for paid subscribers on Twitch. I would recommend contacting the developer for certain just in case as an extra precaution.

What it Means

  • Videos and streams ARE allowed

  • You CAN monetize on YouTube and Twitch with ads and subscriptions

  • You SHOULD be able to sell or charge for access to your content (this would include Twitch "subscriber only" streams or selling merchandise)

  • Any licensed IP or music not owned by the publisher are not covered by this policy

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