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CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red
Parent Company

CD Projekt




YouTube Monetization:


Twitch Subscriber Streams: 


Example Games
  • Cyberpunk 2077


  • The Witcher series

Details and Conditions

From CD Projekt Red's official video policy:

"We encourage everyone to create videos using content from our games, as well as livestream them to the public. We think it’s awesome you guys make all those fantastic playthroughs, walkthroughs, Let’s Play videos, achievement guides, video reviews, and more!

Please feel free to publish your content on YouTube, Twitch and other video sharing websites. We ask you to remember that the use of our content in your videos and streams has to be non-commercial — meaning you can neither charge users to view your work nor sell or license it to others in exchange for any kind of payment.

You can, however, become a part of the YouTube or Twitch partner programs and monetize your videos or streams featuring the content of our games by participating in these, or similar, partnership programs used by other video sharing sites."

What it Means

  • Videos and streams ARE allowed

  • You CAN monetize on YouTube and Twitch with ads and subscriptions

  • You CANNOT sell or charge for access to your content (this would include Twitch "subscriber only" streams)

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