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Parent Company

Slightly Mad Studios


YouTube Monetization:


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Example Games
  • DiRT series

  • F1 series

  • Fast & Furious Crossroads

  • Fuel

  • GRID series

  • Onrush

  • Project Cars series

Details and Conditions

I will be researching Codemasters, but it might be futile at the moments since the company will soon be acquired by Take-Two Interactive, which has it's own video policy. I will make a note that, as is the case with all other racing games, any models of real cars, music in a game's soundtrack, and games based on other franchised proterties such as Fast & Furious, all have their own rights and licenses. In many cases, even if the publisher allows for it, you might not be able to monetize or even stream or create videos for these games without risk of claims and take-downs.

What it Means