Developer / Publisher

Square Enix

Square Enix
Parent Company




Tokyo RPG Factory

Luminous Productions

Crystal Dynamics



YouTube Monetization:

Mostly yes

Twitch Subscriber Streams: 


Example Games
  • Chrono Trigger

  • Deus Ex series

  • Dragon Quest franchise

  • Dying Light series

  • Final Fantasy franchise

  • Just Cause series

  • Kingdom Hearts III series

  • The Last Remnant

  • Life is Strange series

  • Marvel's Avengers

  • NieR:Automata

  • Octopath Traveler

  • Outriders

  • Thief

  • Tomb Raider franchise

  • The Turing Test

Details and Conditions

From Square Enix's Material Usage Policy:

"Please note that this policy does not apply to the following game franchises: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Front Mission, Drakengard, or any other games developed by our home office in Japan. For those games, our colleagues will determine which uses are permissible on a game-by-game basis and they may elect to forbid all use, uploading or sharing of videos featuring those franchises. We ask that you please respect their wishes."

"We don’t permit our materials to be used to make money or to gain any other financial benefit. That means you can’t sell our game content as if it were your own, and you can’t use it to help sell other products or services. Similarly, you can’t use Square Enix materials if you require a paid subscription for people to view it or you otherwise make money or some other financial benefit from it. However, we don’t mind if you monetize via advertising through partner programs like,,, or similar video sharing services."

"If you use our materials, you need to mention that they belong to us by showing our copyright notice. “© Square Enix” will suffice."

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