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A Fresh Start

I've been working on transitioning to this new website, moving content I've had for a couple years on SquareSpace to my new host, Wix. While the original transition from Blogger to SquareSpace went smoothly, I've had some roadblocks this time around. Primarily, I've found it almost impossible to transfer my blogs from SquareSpace to Wix.

Wix doesn't have an import option. That would be fine, but my backup plan was to store the blog posts elsewhere (such as Blogger or WordPress). Unfortunately, several attempts at doing so have failed. Looking through the blog, I realized it's nothing substantial I would be worried about losing. So I decided to start fresh. Post made before the change to SquareSpace are still available on Blogger if you really want to go through that archive. I haven't gone through the gaming blog yet, which I think I would be more worried about losing as it was a nice monthly timestamp of what I had worked on, but it's likely I will want to start fresh there, too.

I will be using this as I normally was. Sharing any news about what I'm working on or new content I have to share. There will still be a separate blog for gaming. I'm also looking at getting a forum going on here as well.

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