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My music in 2019

Most of the posts here on this website have been gaming related. I guess it's because I have a routine when it comes to that content. Whereas for music, I've been slacking. It takes much more time and energy for me to work on music than it does for me to load up a game and start playing live. Because of some personal reasons that have limited my time the past few years, it means my music has taken a back seat.

As such, there has only been two songs that I've released this year. One is a cover I've technically been working on for the past couple of years. The other is my annual Christmas cover, but this time with a featured singer.


Last Christmas

As a bonus, though, I have some more to share! First off, if you wanted to see the process of me working on an upcoming Taylor Swift cover, I have an archive of my live stream recording for it.

You'll also see me show up regularly on Halocene's Twitch streams every week where I've sometimes donated this year to hear the band play over my own instrumental covers. If you want to check them out, I've made a playlist for all the videos below where I'll add more if I continue to do it.




I've also been providing updates, previews, and demos on a few different places including Patreon, SoundCloud, Instagram, and a secondary YouTube channel (where those Halocene videos are hosted), so make sure you're following those pages! I have some in-progress covers I've been trying to finish up as well as songs I have started working on or plan to work on with specific release dates, so stay tuned for more from me in 2020!

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