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New site

I know I haven’t updated this blog in a very long time, although I have still been updating this website (mostly on the gaming side). Unfortunately, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus when it comes to music and while I intend to get back into it in 2019 (I recently released m 3rd yearly Christmas cover, and you can listen to my 2nd one here since I forgot to share it last year), I don’t really have anything to share right now.

I want to say that this website will be changing soon. I’ve been working on a new site from scratch on another platform because I intend to move away from SquareSpace. While I do like the simplicity of SquareSpace, it has become very limiting in terms of what I want to do and the cost is impractical for me especially since I’m not making any income from it and there are cheaper, more competitive options available. So since I’m not going to renew my subscription, I have been working on a new site. It may not be completely perfect when it launches, but I wanted to get as much of it working as possible for when it does.

Unfortunately, this blog is not going to make the transition. I’ve been working on ways of migrating this blog over to the new host but I have found it to be too challenging and not worth the effort for me. So this will be the last blog post here until the new site launches and it will be the first post on the new website. Please follow me on Twitter and Instagram to know when the new site launches.

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