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November Videos and Live Streams

Here's what you might have missed in November. If you missed a few of my recent streams or don't follow me on Twitter or Discord, I'm taking a "break" (sort of) from streaming because of other stresses and priorities in my life so I won't be back to regular streams until mid-late December or early in the new year. Also, I've started working on videos for Streamers Unknown as a test to help improve on my video editing skills. It's mostly because I realize I've been making videos for about a decade now for just my own stuff so I figured it's time to expand see what else I can do. I'll start featuring those videos in these posts as well.


Til Plays

Streamers Unknown

Live Streams

Life is Strange: Before The Storm



Pokemon Sword


Clips of My Channel

The frustration of not grinding first!

The shellfish with torpedo icicles

Clips I've Created

What have I done?

Why don't you jump?

And now I abandon them


You Wanna Know How I Lost These Scars?

Big Daddy Charger

Windows 10 Fridge

Yoshi Strangles Luigi

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