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Music Copyright Information

All original music created by me for either Uncertain Sound or Dead Night Sky does have proof of copyright. All other music on my website, whether used as "mashups", part of videos, sharing music within a blog post, or any other reason is property of it's respective copyright holders and will usually be stated somewhere within the post it is featured on. I have no connection to the artists or labels for music that I do not own unless I explicitly state that I do have the artist or copyright holder's permission to use the music in the manor that it is posted. Questions about original music and music featured on my website are answered below.

Videos and YouTube

Videos made on YouTube or other video hosting sites typically have information on the page regarding the content in the video. Any video that contains only content that I created, own, and/or have permission to use will be monetized to receive ad revenue. Any other videos will only have advertisements provided by the host and I do not receive any portion of that revenue. If you have questions, concerns, or a complaint about any of my videos, please contact me.

YouTube Monetization

I am currently not part of a YouTube Multi-Channel Network and instead incorporate Google AdSense ads on all of my YouTube channels myself. As a result, I usually have a difficult time getting videos of my original content approved by YouTube in a timely manner. This page will hopefully alleviate some of the complications and will continuously be updated as changes need to be made.


Copyright information is available on all of my music releases. In addition to official releases, copyright information on other musical content is listed below.

  • "Dream" - [Sheet Music 1] [Sheet Music 2]

  • "Nothing" (a.k.a "Untitled (Alive at Dawn)") - [Sheet Music]

  • "Regret" - [Sheet Music 1] [Sheet Music 2]

  • "Introduction" (a jingle I use as part of an intro to various YouTube videos) - [Sheet Music]

  • "Carousel" (a.k.a "White") - I do not have sheet music or an official release for this. Proof of copyright consists of a physical, dated recording from 2008. However, demos currently exist for this song herehere, and here.

  • "Snowfall" [To be updated later]

  • "Storms" [To be updated later]

  • "Kindling" [To be updated later]

  • "SFTC" [To be updated later]

  • "Green" [To be updated later]

  • "Our Last Goodbye" [To be updated later]

  • "The Deep End" [To be updated later]

  • "Questions" [To be updated later]

  • "Shadows of My Past" [To be updated later]

  • "Lounge Around" [To be updated later]

  • "Deck the Halls" [To be updated later]

  • "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" [To be updated later]

  • "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" [To be updated later]

Channel Uses

All original content I own the rights to use can be used in any video in the following YouTube channels I run listed below.












Any additional channels not listed above that are requesting approval for monetization using any of my content should have received a confirmation email from me personally via stating explicitly that the channel or video in question has my permission to use my content for monetization.


If you are looking to collaborate or cross-promote on YouTube, please contact me so we can discuss it further.

Use of My Music and Instrumental Covers

I have a lot of people who ask my permission to use my music for their own YouTube videos. Generally, the answer is yes as long as you follow my very simple and reasonable criteria.

  • You cannot use music I do not own the rights to (such as mashups).

  • You can use my cover song instrumentals or original music for your own vocal covers as long as you follow the other criteria in this list.

  • You cannot just re-upload my music/videos as I've uploaded them without any creative alteration (changing tempo/pitch does not count)*.

  • You cannot claim my work as your own*.

  • I would appreciate a credit somewhere on the page or video. Either the description, title, within the video, end screen, or cards. Ideally, linking to my channel, website, original video, or link to purchase the song so others can find it would be best.

  • I use AdRev for my original music so you won't be able to monetize your videos using my original music without getting a content ID claim. If you're looking for permission to be able to monetize your video, please contact me with a request and a link to the video for me to review. Please keep in mind that I do not control the copyright rights to cover songs so unless it's a song YouTube permits you to monetize or your MCN can handle the licensing, I cannot give you permission to monetize use of my cover songs.

  • You cannot sell or distribute the use of my music without my permission. Do not provide a link for download, purchase, or to stream off a platform which allows you to earn money off song plays (such as Spotify) unless you have my expressed permission*.

  • Above all, the most important criteria is to SHOW ME YOUR WORK! I love seeing what others are doing with my music and I encourage everyone to share content you've worked on with as many people as you can who you think will enjoy it. Once you have finished what you've worked on, please send me a link to check it out!

*I consider any violations of these terms as stealing my work. If you do so, I will take all necessary actions to remove those violations from as simple as issuing a copyright strike to taking legal action if required.

Content ID Claims

I am currently signed with AdRev. Chances are if you've received a claim for the use of my music, that means I've uploaded whatever content you've used to AdRev to monetize on the use of my music in YouTube videos or even other websites like SoundCloud by making a portion of the ad revenue from any ads displayed on that content. If you are getting a false claim for my music or other content, please contact me with the all the appropriate information and follow YouTube's methods for filing a dispute. Please redirect the person or company making the claim to this post and provide all the appropriate details to them. I will try my best to assist with any false claims within my ability to do so. If you're just looking for permission to use my material for commercial use for your project or creative content and want an omission from any claims made by myself or AdRev, I also recommend you contact me so I can review the content in question and send you the appropriate documentation to have your content approved or to remove your video from AdRev's content ID search.

Usage Rights

As stated elsewhere on this site, my original music is offered for free and typically has a creative commons license of non-commercial share-alike. This means you are free to use my music for any non-commercial creative works as long as you use the same license and you credit me for the source material. I would ask that you also provide a link to my websiteYouTube channel, or the source where you downloaded or purchased my music for others to obtain it.

If you're trying to get approval of my music for commercial use, including YouTube monetization, I have to approve of it before you do so. I know from personal experience that YouTube does not allow statements made through social media so for now if I agree to you using my music for your monetized videos, I will state so specifically through email using For any other commercial uses you will still need to contact me for approval.

What is allowed

I'm not very strict when it comes to how you use my music but I do have some general guidelines for what I am okay and not okay with. Remember to provide the proper credits when using my music for your content.


  • Remixes

  • Covers

  • Background audio to support a visual narrative (such as a short film or animation).

Not allowed

  • Slightly altering my music and claiming it is a "remix".

  • Taking the direct audio without alteration and no clear creative intent, especially if claiming it as your own work

  • Diminishing the audio quality, such as using and distributing a lower bitrate than originally intended.

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