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YouTube Cover Songs


You're probably here from the YouTube Cover Songs Facebook page. It's a page I created years ago to help promote other musicians I watch as well as self promote my own music. I no longer manage that page. Below is the copied and pasted statement I posted about it on Facebook that you might have missed. Please do not contact me about anything from the YouTube Cover Songs page.

Note from the original page creator:
I am no longer managing this page. I haven't been for years. In fact, I've mostly abandoned Facebook altogether and just return whenever I need to update my own page, Uncertain Sound. At some point, I wasn't able to keep up with posts and requests and had to separate myself from this page to better manage my time. A couple other folks have been managing things and seem to be doing a pretty good job but it doesn't look like they take requests. I'm starting to get requests to my own business email for this page now, so I've removed my website from this page. I'm leaving this page active because people still seem to like it and if I return to it and open requests up I will update this page again. Otherwise, requests will be up to the discretion other the other page managers.

Edit: Please refer to Music Crowns for any requests or questions from now on.

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